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    4.16 :: Pre-fab, Pillow fighting, and a Postopolis Panel

    Emily Kemper
    Apr 5, '09 3:07 PM EST

    Yesterday was fun!

    The day started with a class field trip to the Marmol Radziner Prefab offices in West LA where we got to see the Rincon 5 single module house, which they are marketing as a guest or a vacation house. I think it's great: assuming I had a piece of land somewhere in a temperate climate, I could live in it. But I'm a fan of small footprints :o)

    The Rincon 5 prefab house in the Marmol Radziner Parking lot.

    Here's an interior shot of the kitchenette/living room.

    After looking at the Rincon 5 we toured their offices. They have some truly awesome models, some of which have the most hilly sites - and therefore massive stacks of cardboard - I've ever seen.

    The Marmol Radziner conference room is filled with photographs of their body of work, plus some great models.

    After the offices, we went to Leo Marmol's home, which is a prefab house in Venice based on their Skyliner series. All of the pictures from the field trip, including a couple pictures of that house, are available on my Flickr page here.


    In mid-afternoon, I went to a giant pillow fight at Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles. Yesterday was World Pillow Fight Day, and I went last year, and it was hilarious.

    Action shot!

    Last year the police broke it up after 10 minutes, but this year we had no such interruption. Feathers flew for the whole 20 minutes I was there and beyond, and there was even a band! Here's one of the videos I took of the "fight":

    More photos, and videos, are available on my Flickr page here.


    Last but not least, I sat on a panel about school bloggers last night in the second-to-last segment of Postopolis with my fellow school bloggers Scott and Andrew.

    Did anyone see it online, or was anyone there? I thought it was interesting, right? I thought we did OK? It was hard for me to tell because I was focusing on not letting my hands go numb from the brisk air on the roof deck!

    Downtown Los Angeles, below.

    Great day! ;-D


    • Emily - you, Andrew and Scott all did such a great job describing your own blogs and the school blog project in general. Thanks for participating!

      Apr 5, 09 3:59 pm  · 

      Thanks Paul! No problem, it was fun!

      Apr 5, 09 4:58 pm  · 

      you all did great. it was very informative, personal and paul was presenting and asking excellent questions too. it was one of the best part of the postopolis.
      the school blog project is one of the best things happening in the architecture net.
      i watched it... thank you all!

      Apr 6, 09 2:31 am  · 
      liberty bell

      Em, you look smashing in that blurry cold pic! I'm sure you guys did great.

      Apr 6, 09 10:18 am  · 
      vado retro

      i watched it along with the star trek episode that was on. the one where they went to the nazi planet. good job. spock. i mean wonderk!

      Apr 6, 09 11:43 am  · 

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