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    3.2 :: Thesis x 10/Work + [(Student Orgs / TA duties)*enthusiasm] = Irons in the Fire

    Emily Kemper
    Aug 29, '08 11:15 PM EST

    No one has ever accused me of "not doing enough." For as long as it has mattered, I've always been involved in something other than my primary occupation at the time. Usually I have multiple things going on. So for the first week of school, I had to hit everything pretty hard. Introductory meeting for our graduate student council - check. Meet the students in the class I'm TAing - check. Write several sketchy pages of my thesis - I'm a little worse for the wear, but check. I'm mentioning this now in the event that I fall behind on posts ... I'll certainly be back, but it might take me a while.

    Before I get too far into this year, I'm posting my blog entries from last year that described some of my course work and experiences, just so we're all on the same page.

    Fall semester, 2007:
    Bumping our way down the stairs
    Analyze This: Materials + Methods, Project #1
    New Perspective
    Lessons Learned...the Hard Way: Advanced Structures, Project #2
    Unfinished Business: Advanced Environmental Systems, Project #3 (And then, as a logical follow-up to that post, I won a big check! On a big boat!)

    Spring semester, 2008:
    Talking about homework instead of actually doing it
    "Weird Shit" (also seen in Archinect news)
    I was a bad blogger...

    ...But I promise I won't be this year! ;o)

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    • David Cuthbert

      as always intelligent and honest, and very witty using your previous entries over the wonderSphere to cue us in...its better than TiVO

      and make sure to add the school blog to your checklist

      Aug 30, 08 2:49 am  · 

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