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    4.9 :: Juggling

    Emily Kemper
    Mar 3, '09 6:45 PM EST

    Sometimes I am amazed at how productive I can be in any given period of time, until I remember that I attended design school for six years where you learn that you HAVE to focus and be productive in order to get anything done by your deadline. This type of focus, applied to tasks other than designing a building, may be why I have attempted to juggle so many activities since arriving in Southern California, and have managed to avoid total meltdown (which means I'm doing better than the stock market, conceivably).

    One of the things I have in the air currently is an event that I am planning with fellow members of my Innovation Leadership Council called the 2009 I-VENT. If I know you, you go to USC, and you are on my Facebook, you have already been invited to this event. It should be a lot of fun. Check out the Web page for details and let me know what you think of the idea behind our event...

    Another thing is that I've started a seminar about BIM. More specifically, it's about a new way that architects and their clients can interact with each other, which is referred to as BIMStorm. And my seminar is being taught by the industry leader in, uh, "BIMStorming" - Kimon Onuma. Google his name to find out more about this practice, because it really blows my mind. Also I am interested to see what people think about the whole concept, because it started a debate just within our little seminar class.

    Also, t-minus 8 days to my final thesis presentation.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to "Operation Save My 100+ Page Thesis From The Trolls Inside Microsoft Word"...

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