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    Epilogue #3 :: An Open Letter to My Fellow Under- and Unemployed Archinectors

    Emily Kemper
    Jun 18, '09 6:16 PM EST

    Hi folks....

    As mentioned briefly in my last blog post, I'm launching an effort to help my fellow under- and unemployed friends out there in the midst of this terrible economy. I'm calling it the Portfolio Project, whereby fellow designers are invited to host their portfolios on my Web site (the GDC) for free for a period of up to a year. I'm posting now just to make sure everyone is aware of it! I've already got several people involved and once their portfolios are live, I'll link to them on a special page on the Web site, to make sure we get our names out there. And no doubt advertise it here too :o)

    PS. Unfortunately this does not mean that I can offer free online Portfolio design at this time... only free hosting. We'll have to wait until I achieve financial independence before I can design everybody's online portfolios...which means never :-P



    • justavisual

      very cool, good idea.

      if we already have our portfolios up online could you just link to them?
      that would be super!

      Jun 19, 09 1:14 pm  · 

      Hi justavisual.....

      Sure, I'll be doing that eventually, but now I'm just trying to get everyone's sub-domains set up and I'm still waiting for someone to go live. Send me an email at [email protected] with a link to your portfolio and I'll make sure to include it when I create that links section!

      Jun 20, 09 12:52 am  · 

      Emily, I'm sure I've already said what a great idea this is on a few other forums. However it is so great, people are likely to give up their jobs to make use of such a wonderful opportunity. I wait until the portfolios go live

      Jun 21, 09 1:23 am  · 

      very cool of you emily.

      now, i just have to finish my portfolio!

      Jun 26, 09 2:31 pm  · 

      dread, if you need space, let me know!

      Jun 26, 09 11:00 pm  · 

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