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    3.6 :: My idea of a good time

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 15, '08 3:19 AM EST

    ... is going to a lecture about architecture!

    I do realize that this will be the second post in a row in which I give you nothing of my own experience, and something directly from my school, but the lecture series is an important thing, and I almost forgot to tell you about it. Besides I'm still a little tuckered out from watching my school's football team thrash Ohio State on Saturday evening. But I digress... :-D

    Without further ado, the USC School of Architecture Fall 2008 Lecture Series.

    9/17/08: Creativity at a Crossroads: Art and Architecture in China - Ai Wei Wei, Chi Peng, Liu Jiakun and Qingyun Ma

    10/01/08: Art, Architecture and Landscape: The area where overlapping systems and communities converge - Lawrence Scarpa, AIA

    10/02/08: A Green Future: Zero-Net-Energy Infrastructure and Sustainable Architecture Innovation - Christoph Ingenhoven

    10/16/08: Material Pedagogies - Nader Tehrani

    11/05/08: Memorials to the Second Civil War: Civil Rights, Urban Politics, and the Geography of Commemoration - Dell Upton, Ph.D.

    P.S. I didn't get this up in time to tell you about the Buro Happold lecture on September 3rd. In theory the recording will show up at that link eventually. Sorry!


    • Man those all seem awesome...

      Sep 15, 08 8:21 am  · 

      happold? good lord. the ingehoven lecture should be interesting.

      Sep 15, 08 12:29 pm  · 

      EK do you know if they'll have these set up as podcasts? fancy just sitting in the front with a webcam? Sounds great. And not to worry, I'm green with envy and it seems like great fun to me as well

      Sep 15, 08 1:11 pm  · 

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