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    Boston - Day 1

    By Chili Davis
    Dec 28, '06 10:03 PM EST

    We arrived in Boston this morning via Logan International Airport. Our flight was delayed roughly an hour because of computer problems at Detroit Metro Airport. Most of that time was made up in flight, and we arrived only 15 minutes later than expected. After picking up our bags from the baggage claim, we took a cab under the inner harbor through the Ted Williams Tunnel to the Back Bay. The hotel allowed us to check in early, and put us in the eleventh floor facing south. Here is a view out our window towards the Christian Science Center and the Symphony Hall...

    After we unpacked, it was time for some lunch. We found the Pour House right around the corner...

    After we ate, we took a walk down Boylston Street to get a feel of the city. We walked past Boston Public Library into Copley Square. From here we got a good view of the Hancock Tower and the beautiful Trinity Church...

    After walking around some more, we headed back to the hotel for a (not so) short nap. We woke up hungry and headed to Legal Seafood for some New England clam chowda and some crab cakes...

    We took another short walk and stopped in front of the B.A.C. to peer into the windows at some student projects, and that wrapped up our night. We've spent one day in Boston so far, and we're having a ball...


    • vado retro

      those buildings look so craggy man.

      Dec 29, 06 12:10 am

      is that ornament made by D&G?

      Dec 29, 06 12:25 am

      gloomy new england winter.

      On a winter those buildings are amazing

      Dec 29, 06 5:37 am

      crab cakes ain't new england... that's mid-atlantic.

      boston needs a skyway system.

      Dec 29, 06 11:10 am
      Alexander Jack

      Are you there for the AIAS Forum?

      Dec 29, 06 12:06 pm

      no new skyways! sidewalk touristing is the way to go! especially since great places like the pour house could only work at street level. skyways are for hotel lounges and pickup delis.

      Dec 29, 06 12:12 pm
      brian buchalski

      boston has a couple of skyways...i'm pretty sure you can wander from the pru to copley place and over to the westin without stepping out doors

      Dec 29, 06 12:38 pm

      I am envious – I want to be back in Boston! Chili – did you like the poor house and legal's chowda? Go to Jaffa's for dinner…or the Paramount (Beacon Hill). Hope you are having a great time…

      Dec 29, 06 3:10 pm
      brian buchalski

      i always thought that the poor house kinda sucked

      Dec 29, 06 5:46 pm

      HA puddles i was thinking the same thing but didn't want to rain on his parade

      Dec 29, 06 8:58 pm

      Also those are the only skyways I know of. I doesn't get very cold in Boston anymore anyway, thanks to our hard won efforts

      Dec 29, 06 9:00 pm
      Chili Davis

      The Pour House was cheap and the poor boy I had was average. The chowda at Legal was great. Boston by foot is an amazing thing. I have yet to venture on to the T, but I imagine that will change soon. And yes, Alexander, I am here for Forum.

      Dec 29, 06 9:49 pm

      The green line C is the best! rawrgh!

      actually you might enjoy a trip on the D line out a couple stops--it goes through the fens--actually down IN them--so it's a good fast way to see olmsted's work. but be sure to carry money--it costs a little bit more than the other train lines. If you take the B line out a few stops you will see Boston University but it's not that thrilling, unless you like female lovehandles. the C line to coolidge corner will show you boston neighborhood living. if you poke your head into the coolidge corner theater you will not be disappointed with the view.

      And yes, the chowder at legal is surprisingly good. so is their lobster ravioli, and this incredible chocolate melty cake thingy for dessert. my roomie is a server there so i know the food all too well.

      Dec 29, 06 10:13 pm

      Chili - any chance of you heading south of the Charles?

      Dec 31, 06 12:10 pm

      Do you mean to tell me that you did not go inside of the Trinity Church?!?!? Please tell me you did not miss that great opportunity. Oh and please tell me you went inside the Boston Public Library!!! The reading room is so beautiful at night!

      (I know I'm rather behind in replying but oh please please tell you at least peaked inside:)
      Oh yeah....I wouldn't normally even think of eating a clam of any kind...but a great guy at the market on the docks (the offical name eludes me) convinced me to try it and I was hooked....bread bowls anyone!!!

      Jan 2, 07 6:51 pm

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