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    Broken Glass

    By Chili Davis
    Nov 20, '06 9:01 AM EST

    As if the weight of the semester coming to a close wasn't enough, someone had to break into my truck and steal my laptop! What did I do to deserve this? They smashed my window and grabbed the computer. I came back to a pile of broken glass and a missing laptop. It's not as if I were careless. The laptop was in a black bag on the floor of the back seat of my Explorer, with dark tinted windows. It's not like someone just stumbled upon my laptop sitting on my front seat. It was definately concealed. Someone was looking for something to take. Oh I had insurance. Insurance doesn't cover weeks of modeling time, or a sketch book nearly filled with drawings or notes. Of course I had the files backed up. Do you think I would take a chance with the MPC craptops they offer at LTU? I had them all backed up and safe. On a flash drive. In my laptop bag. With my laptop. It's all gone. So as all the other architeceture students are looking forward to a break from the studio, a time to spend with family at the dinner table enjoying Thanksgiving and in front of the TV enjoying football and beer, I look forward to 100 hours in front of a drafting table and a laptop, drafting and CADing to my hearts content. Why me? Why now?


    • Arnaud M.

      I feel bad for you. Good luck with everything.
      Maybe you should try to post and ad somewhere, I remember a website dedicated to stolen item, Stolen Gear. With a little luck, someone honest might come across your stuff, who knows?

      Nov 20, 06 12:51 pm

      good luck... that is rough.

      Nov 20, 06 6:43 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      dude that blows, that seriously blows...i commute 6 hours round trip via train from NJ to UPenn and on days I'm totally out of it, I've more than once almost forgot my laptop and nearly panic....i mean those hours are invaluable, your profs understand right? go drink, that's what I would do.

      Nov 20, 06 9:53 pm
      brian buchalski

      you post a lot of your stuff here, right? just show'em your blog.

      Nov 20, 06 10:11 pm
      Alexander Jack

      ah! there's nothing more violating than having a car broken into! I feel the pain.

      Nov 21, 06 10:10 am
      Alexander Jack

      ah! there's nothing more violating than having a car broken into! I feel the pain.

      Nov 21, 06 10:30 am
      Chili Davis

      Here is an update...

      The laptop was the schools. Yesterday, I went to the campus safety office to file a report. After I did that, I went to the MPC helpdesk to get my laptop replaced. They told me I first needed to go to the cashier and pay the $500 deductable. I did that. When I went back to the helpdesk, they told me in addition to the report from campus safety, I need a copy of the police report, which takes between 3 and 15 days to prepair. I called the police department and thank God they have it ready. I called the helpdesk to let them know I had all the information and I would be in to get my new laptop tomorrow, and they told me I must first have a meeting with the head of campus safety so he can determine that I wasn't neglegent in the loss of my laptop. Well I called him and he said it wasn't a problem and he would call the helpdesk and tell them to give me my damn computer, so I will indeed be able to get caught up over Thanksgiving. Also, my truck went in to the dealership last night, and they hope to have it done by tomorrow night (yeah right). So after a $50 deductable, I get my truck back. So as of right now, I'm out $550, a laptop bag (a nice Northface one at that), 2 512 mb flashdrives, a wireless mouse, a textbook (there's $120 gone), a moleskine, and a few nice fountain pens. I'm waiting to hear back from my homeowners insurance to see if they will cover the laptop deductable, and the replacement cost of the other items. Oh yeah, on my way to class this morning, I noticed my TI-82 was gone also!!! Bastards!!!!!

      Nov 21, 06 10:44 am
      maya mcdifference

      people steal everything they can get their hands on at LTU - everything from magazines to materials... i've even had two of my final models stolen out of the gallery!

      Nov 21, 06 11:09 pm
      Chili Davis

      I wasn't at LTU.

      Nov 22, 06 8:13 am
      Stephen Wan

      Well man that's very sad incident with you that your laptop with 2 flash drives stolen but in the end as you got the new laptop from help desk so congrats on receiving that. I think we need to create more rules in this regards to avoid this kind of situations. Your Presentation Skills played an important role when you talk with Head of help desk about laptop refund.

      Feb 10, 10 3:47 pm

      It happens to me when I was was in journey from Nj to Upenn.When something bad happens it does not mean, it is always due to carelessness,it just happens,but the worst thing happens to me is the laptop was brand new and was a birthday gift for my brother buit all ended up in little pieces.I wish i had insurance.It is more like broken glass and broken heart.Thanks for sharing.
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      Feb 11, 10 9:48 pm

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