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Sep '06 - Aug '08

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    Life on Display

    By Chili Davis
    Sep 14, '06 10:08 AM EST

    The other day, I noticed some art on display in the gallery. I took a walk around to see if any of mine was up, and I came across these four photos that I had taken last year.

    My aim was to take these photos in the style of Man Ray. They were taken with my Minolta 35mm camera using 400 speed TMax film. I used a black velvet dropcloth to get the black background. They were printed on 11" x 14" fiber-based paper, which is a pain in the ass compared to resin based. After all the time I spend shooting, processing, developing, and mounting, you'd think they could at least get my name right (you probably can't read it, but I made the correction with a sharpie).


    • Oops!!

      Those Rat Bastards...

      Sep 14, 06 1:34 pm

      Hey Chili - I was directed to your blog from the home page. Your school had some cool entries into the IaaC Sustainable design competition and kept thinking, " is this school in Kansas"? Now I know. Were you involved any of the submissions?

      Oct 3, 06 7:46 pm
      Chili Davis

      We're not in Kansas anymore, nor were we ever, and no, none of these submissions were mine. I think they all came from the senior Sustainable Design Allied Design Studio. It's an interesting studio that I plan on enrolling in summer semester. I'm glad to hear you got a chance to see some of my fellow Blue Devil's work though.

      Oct 4, 06 10:45 am

      I thought Lawrence refered to Lawrence Kansas - Home of KU Jayhawks. There was a submission to the contest from UCLA of a massive factory (Ford) being reused, and wraped - identical to mine on the southside of Chic. Detroit - Chicago - very similar districts of total economic devastation as giant mfr. plants close and leave, but leaving behind interesting structures to be mined.

      Oct 6, 06 10:18 am

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