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  • Back in the Studio Again

    By Archisult
    Sep 1, '10 12:45 AM EST

    The second week at Lawrence and the week is heavy.
    Wednesday the studio is going into round two of precedents. The urban nature of IDS3 (Integrated Design Studio) this semester seems enticing, although I may have bitten off a little. Steven Schneemaan, the principal Professor seems to know his stuff.
    I am excited for the coursework, mostly because I have no experience; unlike the last two semesters. Constance Bodurow is heading up our section of Urban Design which is equally exciting, as her accomplishments echo a novel.

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  • Pin ups and Crits

    By Archisult
    Mar 23, '10 5:20 AM EST

    Accountability in Architecture should be expressed in every field. Studio is inundated with points at which you have to prove yourself, this is not merely a set of problems you work out, but a problem you create in which you must prove a solution to everyone else. We had a pin up on Thursday, for... View full entry

  • LTU Blog Migration

    By Archisult
    Mar 10, '10 1:20 AM EST

    As a second entry I belive a preface is required before I jump into a full on school Blog. I have an additional blog that I may refer to where I am currently documenting a project for my sophomore studio, that has an interiors concentration. if there are any confusions regarding my posts, please... View full entry

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