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    Back on Track

    By Chili Davis
    Dec 5, '06 12:18 PM EST

    New Laptop - $3000
    New Flash Drive - $90
    New External Hard Drive - $50
    New Wireless Mouse - $40
    New Laptop Bag - $60
    New Sketchbook - $15
    Having your laptop bag stolen with your laptop, flashdrive, external hard drive, wireless mouse, and sketchbook in it three weeks before the end of the semester - priceless.

    Well now that we got all of that out of the way, let me tell you what's going on at Larry Tech this time of year. Classis are winding down. My final crit is next Wednesday. I had a good deal of my design done before my laptop was stolen, but the two weeks with no computer put a dent in the time I was planning on using to wrap up my CAD model and do some renderings. I'll be working on my physical model this weekend, using basswood and plexi. I decided to do my presentation with powerpoint to save time on plotting and mounting. I did my midterm with powerpoint as well and it turned out well. I have an exam on the 11th in landscape, and a notebook to turn in then as well. That will eat up any other free time I have this weekend. I still need to crank out some sections before next week. Thank God my structures final isn't until the following week. That means I'll have a weekend in between there to enjoy a few adult beverages. Then that's it. I never thought it would go this fast. Wish me luck.

    P.S. - All of you Boston area archinectors, look out! Chili Davis along with a few other archinectors will be invading your town December 28th for the AIAS Forum. If anyone is interested in grabbing a drink, drop a line!


    • forum's not at thanksgiving any more? that was always such a good time for a break/party.

      bummer about the laptop, etc, chili. glad you've got it all replaced. hope it was an early christmas present from your insurance provider and not out of your own pocket...

      Dec 5, 06 12:35 pm
      Chili Davis

      Yeah Steven, insurance took care of it minus a $250 deductable. It sucks that it had to happen, but it could have been a lot worse.

      Dec 5, 06 1:38 pm

      this is probably a totally retarded question, but how do you insure a laptop?

      Dec 5, 06 1:58 pm
      brian buchalski

      i think it's just a "personal property" insurance policy. it used to cost me about $100 per year back when i was a student to get my powerbook and all the assorted peripherals insured. talk to any of your basic insurance providers (car, home, life, etc) like state farm or whoever and they can set you up. definitely worth the peace of mind.

      Dec 5, 06 2:32 pm
      Chili Davis

      This one was a school laptop, so it was insured through a school. I imagine if it were a personal laptop and it were stolen, homeowners insurance should cover it.

      Dec 5, 06 2:33 pm
      Chili Davis

      The school actually charged me a $500 deductable, which my homeowners covered as well.

      Dec 5, 06 2:33 pm

      I don't own a home. "Personal property" sounds great to me. I will look into it. Thanks, puddles!

      Dec 5, 06 2:41 pm
      Chili Davis

      I don't own a home either, shhhhhhh!!!!!!

      Dec 5, 06 2:42 pm


      Dec 5, 06 3:02 pm
      brian buchalski

      i'd be sure to double check on a homeowner's policy. since i was in school at the time i had renter's insurance for my personal possesions at my apartment...but since a laptop is often with you while you are "out & about" in studio, library, bar, on the bus, etc. then homeowner's/renter's wouldn't likely cover it. at any rate, double-check with an agent to find what's best for you.

      Dec 5, 06 3:15 pm

      Steven, I believe the last Forum over Thanksgiving was in Toronto in 2000. They decided that that time of year was difficult for students because it was still in the middle of the term, it was important family time and it was a big ordeal to provide turkey dinner for all attendees. The New Year's time is good for students (except for those of us who start classes on Jan 3) and makes for a great party, but of course it's more difficult getting speakers. Who knew Libeskind went skiing in Switzerland every year over New Year's . . . ?

      Dec 5, 06 3:53 pm

      Does LTU really think those cutting mats they call a laptop is worth 3K? I'm sure the one you got from the school was in real fine shape (scratches, dents, fading screen, and stickers from the past user). Those guys are really great. I could imagine it being something like 2400 after all of the programs but 3K is just silly.

      Regardless, Good luck on finals.

      ps when finals time rolls around (ie now), I suggest burning to disk everything you are working on everyday…especially with those computers, and leaving a copy somewhere else.

      Dec 5, 06 3:56 pm
      Chili Davis

      Nie(meijer) - The laptop I had was actually new when I got it a year and a half ago. The replacement is not new, but I will be turning it in and getting a new one at the end of this year. I think they estimate the value of the laptop to be $2000 and the software to be $1000.

      Also, I had all of my files backed up on a flash drive (you know, incase my laptop were to crash). I guess I just never thought it would be stolen. I'm more careful than most with mine. I never leave it unattended. It's always either locked in my locker, or at home. When the unfortunate event happend, it was in my laptop bag in my back seat on the floor of my locked truck! Who knew! Anyway, now I backup my files to the network drive, as well as an external hard drive and a flash drive. Better safe than sorry!

      Dec 5, 06 4:01 pm

      That’s how I am. I have work on my business partners external hard drives, my gf's external hard drive, my external hard drive, and burnt on CD's and at my parents home 140 miles from here.

      Can someone say anal?! Yeah. That would be me.

      Dec 5, 06 4:42 pm

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