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Sep '06 - Aug '08

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    Site Seeing

    By Chili Davis
    Sep 15, '06 8:57 AM EST

    Wednesday we had our first site visit. Our site for the semester project will be a vacant lot that sits across from the Detroit Athletic Club and relatively close to the Boll Family YMCA, Comerica Park and Ford Field, and many other great downtown attractions. It appears to be the only undeveloped land in a seemingly bustling area of downtown. Here are some of the surrounding buildings...

    Harmony Park is just a block south of our site.

    Harmony Studios sits right across the street.

    This is our site. The building pictured backs up to the east half of our site...

    ...and the Milner Hotel backs up to the west half.

    This is the Detroit Athletic Club, which sits directly across the street from our site.

    This is one of the neighboring buildings, the Detroit Opera House.

    This is Barden Companies, across the street from the Opera House.

    It looks like Etta James will be visiting our site too. Or at least the Music Hall across the street.

    I have some other picutres I may post later to give you an idea of the surrounding areas. In my opinion, this is a great location. It's amazing that this land hasn't been developed yet. Maybe that will change in the near future.

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    • they tore down our milner hotel. too bad. i took pictures of it before the implosion.

      it's probably not that the land hasn't been developed so much as it is that an older building was removed and the owner found that, with very little maintenance/overhead, he/she could make money on paid parking. the curse of downtowns everywhere.

      you've got a lot to work with. have fun!

      Sep 15, 06 3:55 pm

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