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Sep '06 - Aug '08

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    By Chili Davis
    Sep 26, '06 10:22 AM EST

    For our first assignment, and to get us adjusted to thinking in the urban context, we were told to select a building which we thought was a good example of urban architecture, and a building which we thought was a good example of suburban or non-urban architecture. We were then to record the buildings photographically and to write a short analysis of what elements differentiate them and why this makes them urban or non-urban. We were limited to a 20 X 30 presentation format, although not everyone followed these guidelines. Here is my presentation...

    For the urban architecture, I chose the Compuware Building. I looked at the building to be a good example of urban, and not necessarily an example of good architecture. When I think of the city of Detroit, this is what I picture. It is the center of downtown.

    For the non-urban architecture, I looked at a couple of old buildings in the State Fair area. The buildings may be run down, but they are undoubtedly non-urban. With only a house or two left on every block, this area is hardly representitive of the crowded downtown area.

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