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Sep '06 - Aug '08

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    Semester Project

    By Chili Davis
    Sep 5, '06 3:18 PM EST

    Okay, it appears that this semester we will be focusing on urban design. This works out great for me due to my love of Detroit, or any city for that matter. The city is really where it's at. It's the heart of it all. We will be designing urban lofts somewhere in the city (I wasn't given the site yet). Actually, this is all the detail I have been given on the project so far. It will be explained in more detail later. Though I'm not crazy about all the lofts that have been popping up here lately, perhaps this will be an opportunity for me to apply some of my own ideas to the cultural craze that is the loft. On another note, I'm rather underwhelmed with the quality of lectures offered at my school this semester. In the past, we have had some great presentations from Lot-ek and Syd Mead and even some great alumni presentations. This semester, the lineup includes an architecture critic from the Chicago Tribune, a furniture designer from Toronto, and an Architect from San Fran. Though all of these have the potential to be great lectures, they just don't do it for me. And the sad part is, every semester there are sheets posted asking for student opinions on guest speakers, and I fill them out all the time, and never once have I gotten one of my suggestions. If anyone knows of any good (read: free) lectures on architecture in the metro-detroit area, please fill me in!


    • nscheiter

      Syd Mead is the man....

      Sep 5, 06 3:32 pm
      maya mcdifference

      "We will be designing urban lofts somewhere in the city"...

      I'm so glad I left that many new so-called "lofts" can you have in a city that's constantly diminishing in population? These "lofts" are just apartments that are given the loft name in order to sell a horribly configured floorplan to some poor unsuspecting "hipster suburbanites" interested in "city living".

      I was also disappointed with last year's archilecture lineup...only 5 lecturers because they seemingly blew the entire budget on syd mead and lot-ek.

      Good luck at LTU. I feel your pain.

      Sep 5, 06 4:13 pm

      Hmm, the lot-ek lecture I saw was nothing but poor speaking. Maybe you're better off with some random architect from SF after all...

      Sep 5, 06 6:34 pm

      Can you make it to Chicago? Aren't there usually decent lectures there? Maybe they are kind of conservative though, I'm not sure.

      Sep 5, 06 6:35 pm
      le bossman

      well, there are other architecture schools in the detroit area with good lectures. just don't be like the LTU students who dropped by my design/build project under construction last fall and referred to it as "heartbreaking" without asking me about it, and walked away talking about the superiority of LTU.

      Sep 5, 06 7:32 pm
      maya mcdifference

      who wouldn't have a big ego at LTU...they hand out A's and honor awards like candy. i even knew a student who was given a B+ at the end of a semester, even though he dropped the class two weeks into the semester...heartbreaking.

      Sep 5, 06 7:40 pm
      Chili Davis

      Come on now, if you want to bash LTU there are plenty of threads for you to vent, but please... keep it off this blog.

      Sep 5, 06 11:33 pm
      Chili Davis

      Also, bossman, I checked out the lineups at TCAUP and UDM and they looked as uninteresting (perhaps more) than the LTU lectures. Also, the TCAUP lecture series is on Mondays, and I have a class. Maybe I just haven't researched the speakers enough. If one of them is "can't miss," let me know and I will try to make it. Also, FYI, the San Fran architect is John Peterson, and I decided that one may be worth a look.

      Sep 7, 06 3:39 pm
      maya mcdifference

      sorry chili, freedom of speech. this is what america and archinect is about.

      Sep 9, 06 1:28 am

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