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Sep '06 - Aug '08

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    Detroit What

    By Chili Davis
    Sep 19, '06 1:32 PM EST

    Another site visit, this time I seemed to have focused more on the negative than the positive.

    At one time, this was a beautiful feature for this building, now it has become a hazard to pedestrians.

    What trip to downtown would be complete without a couple bums napping on a porch, after enjoying a 40.

    EIFS? Yes, EIFS!

    Detroit had a different idea of twin towers.

    Where do you put the couch?

    This jeep ad is covering up what used to be a beautiful mural of two whales by a local artist (Wyland) on the Broderick Tower. You may ask "What do Whales have to do with downtown Detroit?" Well, I don't know. But love it or hate it, everyone knew that mural, it could be seen past the right field stands at every tigers game. And now its gone, all in the name of advertising. On the bright side, this did replace the first jeep ad which was worse than this one!


    • myriam

      Eek, EIFS! I don't even need to see the pic--I bet it's all dented and smashed? Ugh.

      Also, I hate to correct you but Wyland is indeed a local south Orange County. He's from (I believe) Laguna Beach... or maybe Dana Point, but I'm pretty sure Laguna Beach. I actually worked with him on a school mural at my high school back there... years ago...

      But still, sad that they covered up some of his whales. You might be pleased to know that lots of his whales are still around, so all is not lost. Also, thta ad looks like paper--right? Maybe the mural is still underneath!

      What a sad story of consumerism trumping public art, however.

      Sep 19, 06 1:40 pm
      Chili Davis

      Myriam, thanks for the correction. All my info on Wyland has pointed to him being from the Detroit area, but I'm glad to have gotten the correct data. It must have been great to work with him. Yes, the jeep ad is just a canvas, but typically these spaces are leased for long periods of time (think in years). His "Whaling Wall" will be missed for some time.

      As for the EIFS, you'll be (un)happy to know that the picture is from the Detroit Opera House addition. Instead of using quality material to cover the new area housing the backstage area and S&R, they used EIFS. You can see in my previous post the beautiful facad of the DOH, and I have to admit, I tried to crop out the addition.

      Sep 19, 06 1:49 pm

      Ahh, I see they have cleverly put up plant trellises to keep passersby from getting too close to that crap. Smart. I haven't seen a street level EIFS installation yet that wasn't pockmarked all along suspiciously at elbow-level.

      Wyland may have come from the Detroit area originally, not sure. A friend of my mom's is a friend of his... I know he at least started his career out in southern california, and has lived there for some time. He may very well be an original detroiter, however! I just realized I don't know where he was actually born/raised.

      Sep 19, 06 2:09 pm
      vado retro

      i suggest a heavy dose of the mc5!!!

      Sep 19, 06 6:38 pm
      Chili Davis

      Myriam, I did a little research and I found this tasty morsel:

      "The artist was born Robert Wyland, far away from the ocean in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan in 1956."

      Now we both know.

      Sep 20, 06 10:45 am

      Ahh, interesting! Thanks!

      Sep 20, 06 11:20 am

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