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    Archilecture 03

    By Chili Davis
    Nov 14, '06 10:12 AM EST

    For more information, click here.

    I will give a brief recap of the event in my school blog Friday morning following the lecture. This should be a good presentation and I encourage anyone in the area to attend.


    • ThriftyAcres

      Who the hell put that goofy poster together? At this scale, the text appears to be vibrating. Probably some LTU graphics student? Wasn't this covered in whatever 'intro to design' courses they offer there?

      I feel bad for this John Peterson guy.

      Whatever happened to the lectures with people like Bill Massie, Monica Ponce de Leon, Robert Mangurian, Raveevarn Chocksombochi, Paul Lewis, etc? Oh, right, they lost some top prof’s with connections due to the new deans arrival.

      Nov 14, 06 4:07 pm
      Chili Davis

      Nie(meijer)... Here's how this works. You aren't actually looking at a poster. The poster you see is actually a digital image of the poster that someone saved on a computer. A computer is the thing in front of you. If your computers monitor (the thing that looks like a TV) were much, much larger, the text (words) would also be much larger and easier to read. Also, because I have posted this digital image within my school blog, I am limited to 400 pixels (little colored dots) wide. If you would like to see a slightly larger version of this digital image you can click on the link below the digital image, (Hint: It's red).

      Also, I'm sorry you're unhappy with the level of education you received at whatever institution you have atttended, LTU or other, to the point that your confidence is so low you must bolster it by continually insulting LTU and its dean. My advice to you would be to keep your head up and never stop learning. Perhaps someday you will have a good enough self image that you will no longer need the high you get by insulting others. Good luck to you.

      Nov 14, 06 4:21 pm
      maya mcdifference

      who cares if you can't read the small text? - nei(meijer)'s point was that the DESIGN of the poster is awful. the new dean is not helping improve the school's reputation, especially with these lecture series. i believe hemingway had a lot to do with some of the amazing lectures LTU has had in the past, who, unfortunately has left in pursuit of a better program with a better dean.

      btw, i don't think this guy/girl was asking for your advice, chili - nor did he/she make any comments that would imply any feelings of inadequacy. i went to LTU, was very satisfied with my design professors...i had the opportunity to learn from the best they had to offer at the time. unfortuntely most of them have left LTU since. i was a member of leroy's student leadership council, raised my concerns with him only to be ignored, and felt that the new dean had a tendency to "gloss over" our biggest concerns with the school since he was evidently more concerned with finding more ways to increase enrollment, which is hurting the program's reputation.

      good luck to you, chili. you'll need it with your narrow-minded point of view.

      Nov 14, 06 7:58 pm

      I'm glad someone understands (and I’m not talking about pixels and links).

      LTU has so much wasted potential and passes up every great opportunity that comes its way. The University (not the college of architecture) prides itself on graduating students that can be plugged into a cubical. Their concern is how well you fit into your first job. You have to understand this before you can move on. Some people did and tried to make changes but to not avail. That is why they are dropping like flies. I am concerned with the direction in which the school is heading.

      My closest friends come from that school; some are still there, some teaching (young and old). Chili, I have all the inside information about how everything there works (or doesn't work). Be forewarned. Stop defending the place and take a more critical role in your education by speaking out. Tell dean fancy pants to stop flying to Paris on your tuition money and spending $4000 a week on hotels and dinner. Ask him how he can afford that McMansion in Bloomfield Hills. Ask why your tuition is so damn high, and how his purchase of an energy hog home commuting 45 minutes to work in his big car reflects the program, not to mention the ‘sustainable’ studios.

      This isn’t a personal attack on you, Chili.

      Nov 14, 06 9:54 pm

      i'd love to pile on, but i don't know if there is any room for a skinny white boy like myself. ltu is going in the wrong direction and anyone who cared and had the ability put the school back on course has left (whether they went for better jobs elsewhere, just got too frustrated to stick around, or graduated). the only people that are going to save what could have been a very progressive institution (possibly under the guidance of massie with help from hemingway, rochelle, wang, and others) from becoming a glorified community college are the students. you have the power chili, you just need to pull your head out of leroy's ass and become aware of what is happening around you. i know you had the benefit of the being there during the "glory years" (which ended this spring as far as i am concerned), so you must know what it was like to think about architecture as it could be instead of as it is. ltu is merely propagating the same failing model of professional practice that creates so much of the mediocre work that is getting built in detroit and all over the us. it is possible to make a living and do interesting work (maybe you should write Gregg Pasquarelli from shop in for an archilecture recommendation). past students like shay and i take pride in the education we received at ltu and are doing well because of it, but we are not so brainwashed to not be critical of the school. you would be wise to listen to some of the things we (and others) say and not write them off as disgruntled alum making personal attacks. even if you all you want to do with your education is go straight to a desk job working in a grey cubicle sucking up to the principles at harley ellis until it is your turn to sit around and make horrible "architecture" (i don't even know if i would qualify harley ellis' student service center as good building (and if you don't know the distinction between architecture and building then ltu has already failed you (go talk to gyure, he may be one of the only intelligent/aware professors left))). look at the world around you. as an architecture student you have to at least admit it is your responsiblity to see the world (even if it is just a small fabricated sense of reality) and try to make it better. ltu can be better... a lot better.

      Nov 16, 06 6:07 pm

      also, that poster blows. the archilecture posters have always been bad but this horrible. it looks like a middle school student put that together in microsoft publisher for a science fair project. you have powerful programs and a graphic design major at ltu. use them. (i would be happy to design them for a small fee :P .)

      now i am off to a lecture from elizabeth diller. good day and good luck to you, chili, and all the bright, talented, intelligent students that are drowning in the putrid swamp known as ltu. i hope you find a stump to stand on because every time someone sends you a boat you keep sending it back.

      Nov 16, 06 6:08 pm

      back to that poster...

      I saw the real deal the other day, chili. Thanks for the lesson on pixels. Perhaps you should explain the 400 pixels thing to the guy that printed it off at 8 times its intended size. Or at least let him know that his camera phone does not take high res photos.

      Nov 17, 06 12:58 pm

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