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Sep '06 - Aug '08

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    More Than Meets the Eye

    By Chili Davis
    Sep 22, '06 9:03 AM EST

    'Transformers: The Movie' Transforms Detroit's Train Station Into A Hollywood Set

    It's true. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

    People have said that the old train station off of Michigan Avenue, once a glorious, unique, and fascinating place for movers and shakers on the go, has become a debilitated, abandoned, eyesore, but is anything but abandoned.

    The bottom line is with this unique structure and incredible architecture, even with broken windows and unsightly graffiti, it has star quality to Hollywood. Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks Productions has just inked the deal with the city of Detroit and the owner of the train station to shoot the final scenes of the live-action movie that will breathe new life into Hasbro's toys.

    The shooting will begin around the first week in October. The movie will be directed by Michael Bay, who shot portions of the movie "The Island" in downtown Detroit. His experience his last time around using Detroit as a location spot was so positive, he said he had to come back, according to his producer, Ian Bryce. Apparently, Detroit really knows how to roll out the red carpet for movie crews with cooperation from the city, the police department and a huge pool of talent, Detroit has become the come-to place for Hollywood. And we love it!

    Great news for the city and everybody associated with Detroit. Once again, the nay sayers have it wrong. There are great things about this city. Hollywood gets it. What's next? Does anybody have a great big hillside so we can put up our own big sign that says "Detroit" in big white letters? It looks like that needs to be the next thing to dot our skyline.

    --Local 4 Reporter Paula Tutman

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    • erasmus

      based on the relative quality of writing i thought your posts were getting better... then i realized you just copied a channel 4 reporter.

      nice work chili, at least you cited your source. larry t couldn't ask for more of you. i really hope you graduate with the highest of honors.

      by the way, when you get your diploma make sure the lines all those important people sign on are straight across from each other. it is amazing how many printing errors they had when with last year's group.

      i do have to give you credit for the transformers logo... that was a nice touch that so many people would have left out. again, larry would be proud.

      Sep 22, 06 9:04 pm

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