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    The Great Outdoors

    By Chili Davis
    Oct 9, '06 8:54 AM EST

    With studio weighing heavily on my mind, I still managed to take a weekend trip to visit my family. We spent some time at our property up north, getting out of the city and getting some fresh air. It's a great time of the year for it too, as the trees are changing color now. My dad has spent the past few weekends working hard on a new paver patio, which turned out quite nice, and he is quite proud. The weather was just perfect.

    Fall color.

    The fam and the patio.

    This will be filled in with rock.

    Tools of the trade.

    More fall colors.

    Some interesting mushrooms.

    Even more colors.

    I thought these leaves were pretty cool.

    Don't drink the water.

    The author.


    • AP

      the patio looks good...the leaves/location are beautiful.

      Oct 9, 06 11:11 am

      Those leaves are amazing! I keep waiting for the leaves in Syracuse to change and they've seirously been holding out on me this year :(

      Oct 9, 06 12:17 pm

      wow! you make me want to head east for the fall.

      Oct 9, 06 1:35 pm
      Ms Beary

      nice leaves!

      Oct 9, 06 3:34 pm

      I look good with dark hair.

      Oct 9, 06 3:44 pm
      brian buchalski

      what is that? west branch? alpena? southfield?

      Oct 9, 06 4:00 pm
      Chili Davis


      Oct 9, 06 6:09 pm

      wonderK are you in one of the pictures? I'm confuzzled.

      Not too far from where I grew up. down here in the southeast I miss having real seasons.

      Oct 9, 06 7:04 pm

      mana, it was a joke. The joke is that Chili is my alter ego. Sometimes my jokes work, often they don't. I try.

      I too, love the fall colors. Yay for October! Booo for cold!

      Oct 9, 06 7:59 pm

      ha ha- wK, you look good with short hair too!

      Oct 9, 06 9:29 pm
      maya mcdifference

      hehe. now i know who to find to toss in the mechanical room and throw away the keys ;p

      Oct 12, 06 5:19 pm

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