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    Weekend Update

    By Chili Davis
    Oct 16, '06 8:51 AM EST

    This weekend, Lawrence Technological University played host to the 2006 Midwest Quad Conference of the American Institute of Architecture Students. The events included a deans pannel with the deans of three local schools of architecture, break out sessions on LEED, presentation, and the profession, as well as a firm tour of Rosetti in Southfield, Michigan, and a tour of the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit, and a trip to the Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

    From left to right: Stephen Vogel, FAIA, Dean of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture; Glen Leroy, FAIA, FAICP, Dean of the Lawrence Technological University college of Architecture and Design; Douglas Kelbaugh, FAIA, Dean of the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning; Jonathan Bahe, President, American Institute of Architecture Students.

    The Deans Pannel covered many topics topics that would be of interest to students, including critical regionalism, smart growth, new urbanism, portfolio diversity, BIM, integrated design, outsourcing, client engagement, and land reclaimation.

    Lunch - UTLC Gallery

    This was followed by lunch in the UTLC Gallery where the work of Donn Perez, an instructor at Lawrence Tech, was on display.

    Rossetti - Main Lobby

    The Rossetti firm tour was lead by Paul Wong, who also teaches at Lawrence Tech. Rossetti does work in architecture, interior design, graphics and planning. They are currently working on plans for the new Greektown Casino.

    Rossetti - Office Lobby

    Rossetti - Conference Room Doors

    Rossetti - Conference Room

    Rossetti - Awards

    Rossetti - Model Room

    Rossetti - Graphics

    Rossetti - Model

    Party - Dancing

    Saturday night concluded with a party at the Westin. Unfortunately, drinks were a bit too pricey for me to imbibe as much as I would have liked.

    Party - Cheers

    The Midwest Quad Conference was quite a success and I'm looking forward to Forum in Boston.


    • Oops!!

      From left to right: Stephen Vogel (idiot); Glen Leroy (idiot); Douglas Kelbaugh (perhaps the only credible person there - retiring)

      Oct 16, 06 9:27 am
      Chili Davis

      That's the best you can do?

      Oct 16, 06 1:47 pm

      Forum's gonna be in Boston this year?

      Oct 16, 06 3:29 pm
      Chili Davis

      Hosted by Wentworth Institute of Technology and co-hosted by the Boston Architectural College and Northeastern University. December 29 to January 1. Here's the information page.

      Oct 16, 06 3:40 pm
      maya mcdifference

      what a joke... i couldn't take a panel debate like that seriously if Leroy's opinion on anything is considered worthy of discussion. he's merely a salesperson in cheap tweed.

      Oct 19, 06 12:42 am
      Chili Davis

      Glen S. LeRoy, FAIA, FAICP, recently celebrated his one year anniversary as dean of the College of Architecture & Design at Lawrence Tech. Dean LeRoy came to us from Kansas City, where he was a principal with Gould Evans Associates, a 200-plus person firm with offices in Kansas City, Phoenix, Tampa, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City.
      Recipient of over 20 national and regional awards for architectural, urban design and planning excellence, LeRoy was the 1997 president of the American Institute of Architects Kansas City Chapter, and the 1986 president of the American Planning Association, Kansas City Section. His contributions to education in these fields led to being named a Fellow of the AIA in 1999 and Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners in 2000.

      Oct 20, 06 10:24 am

      chili, leroy's credentials were written by ltu for ltu, and they say nothing about his ability to guide a school. if you think the aia represents good design and forward thinking you are mistaken.

      shay, be careful what you say... i don't think leroy wears tweed.

      Oct 20, 06 7:25 pm

      jason... check your facts before you credit the wrong person for a piece of work. im glad that you admired my model enough to take a single shot and post it in your blog but Rossetti didn't build it, i did. it was for paul wang's ids3 class. oh and none of the other models in the other picture are rossetti's either. they are all LTU student work. paul wang just stores much of his students' work at the office in order to protect it from being destroyed in the LTU galleries. building models like that is what i do with my time instead of creating extensive blog entries. maybe if you take the time to build a model like that some day, you can work for a firm like rossetti too. ciao.

      Nov 26, 06 9:52 pm
      Chili Davis

      Madstork, nice work on the model. I don't see anywhere crediting Rossetti with building that model. The caption simply implies that the model was at Rosetti, which is where you now work, is it not? Anyway, I'm glad you're skilled at model building. I, for one, am awful at it. It doesn't bother me though, because it is only one aspect of architecture, and what I may lack in model building, I make up in other aspects. Also, I have no desire to work for Rossetti. Enjoy the slivers.

      Mar 20, 07 12:28 pm

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