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    Less about me, and more about school.

    By drs
    Mar 26, '06 3:34 PM EST

    Our three week Easter break is fast approaching, after which we will present our final scheme of the year and take an exam. It really doesn't seem long now until us second years will be moving up into the final stage of our Part 1 education. Mostly scary, but exciting too.

    I'm realising that many people who read this blog aren't actually studying architecture yet*. They're weighing up which courses to apply to, and as such I think I should be writing more about the work we do instead of banging on about myself so much.
    Currently we are working on a design project in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, which counts for half of our marks in the semester. The first task, three weeks long, was to design a bridge which would connect the town centre with the promenade and pier. The second task takes up the rest of the semester and requires us to design a sustainable computer centre around the pier area.
    In addition to these design projects we have lectures and workshops in two subjects - environmental design and an optional module for which I chose CAAD. These are assessed on coursework, and in the case of environmental design an exam too, counting for eighty percent. In CAAD we are now creating interactive 3D models of classic buildings in Liverpool, and earlier we had to created a website about the first part of the Colwyn project.

    Elsewhere in the Architecture department, the workshop's functioning really well, we're still fighting for a tidier studio environment, and the degree show is looming. I'll write more about the degree show soon, when its website is up and when I won't be giving out any unconfirmed information. Basically it will be an exhibition of all final year BA and BArch work, an opportunity for potential future employers to meet fresh graduates, and an excuse for a gigantic party. A good time to visit the school, if you want a feel for it. Provisional date is June 8th.

    That's all for now...

    *hey Ele.

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    • sporadic supernova

      is that it for the website ? .. or are you gonna be working on it ...

      Mar 28, 06 3:07 am

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