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    Rock On (to the break of dawn / keep keep it on / keep keep it on)

    By drs
    Jan 30, '05 9:27 PM EST
    So, it's two in the morning between Sunday and Monday, and what've we achieved? Well, the model above was finished today by three fine team members and myself. It's a 1:200 representation of the police station site with contours and some basic buildings. Now everybody can make their own maquettes and see how they look. Also made more progress on my A1 site survey sheet. Not as much as I'd like, but it's going well so far.

    Looking forward to lectures on Tuesday this week, to re-activate the theoretical areas of my brain, plus one from a real live police officer tomorrow...

    Just been working on an e-flyer, inviting folk to my camouflage birthday party later in February.

    Oh, and the biggest news of all is that I'll be going to Chandigarh on 28th February to help with surveying for a PhD researcher's thesis! We'll be staying for one month in a secret apartment in Nek Chand's Rock Garden (check). Should have connectivity over there, so I'll keep the images flowing. Also visiting Dubai for some desert driving and to check out the prolific development over there (Airport City is so fast, and Hydropolis is crazy.)

    Also checked out some electronic music today courtesy of the friendly Hive collective - nice one.

    time to retire...


    • MADianito

      woha!... Chandigarh sh*t sounds awesome... jealous...anyway, keep the images flowing dude

      Jan 31, 05 6:18 am

      why, whats happening?
      birthday or something?
      going away?
      im so out of the loop...
      camo, whos wears camo anymore?!

      Jan 31, 05 9:00 am

      Thanks for checking, Mariano! Yes, it's going to be a good one. I'm very very excited. The site for the project is now online - - do check!

      And t.h.e.y... Well, well, well! Good to hear from you, monsieur. You know about this one, surely? I'll try to finish the flyer tonight. Friday 25th - rock your best camo garb and it'll all be sweet.

      Jan 31, 05 2:32 pm

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