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    keep on keepin' on..

    By drs
    Feb 18, '05 5:43 PM EST

    Things are just ticking over here. Police stations are starting to take shape, and I'll post some shots of mine soon. I've done enough models for the time being, including one from plaster, and am now working on structural stability and floor plan. These will then inform the final shape to all me to create a decent model.

    Really gettting hyped for India now - just ten days to go. That's been keeping me quite occupied - jabs, insurance, visas, packing etc. all taking time out of the days.

    Before I depart I must complete the police station and polish off an essay about the influence of classic and gothic styles in two of Liverpool's buildings. I've chosen to focus on the art gallery and chapel at Port Sunlight, which was a town for nine hundred inhabitants built around the Lever (now Unilever) factory. It almost lulls one into a sense of security, such is its twee charm. With these notable monuments harking back to bygone eras, it manages to evoke some grandeur and stability. A friend suggested that I title the essay 'Architecture as Horror' :D. I'll post up the end product, as it's only 1000 words.

    Hooking up with Alexone this weekend. Good vibes!

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