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    Studio Burn

    By drs
    Jan 26, '05 8:37 PM EST
    not related to this post, but a possible future project, and a test of my mini tripod, like this which my dad bought me, in low light...

    It's 1:30am and I'm just back from the studio. We have a tutorial tomorrow and are expected to have produced something of a site survey. I've done the majority of an elevation along the street, a 1:1250 plan, a bit of scribbling about emotional observations, a sketch of the Gehry building, some sketch ideas and a sketch model. I'd really like more data about the site, but am only beginning to learn about where to find these. Sun path's a good one, but wind patterns would be so chaotic. I guess I could find annual rainfall, and where drainage is, etc. - any other suggestions?

    Also helped with a tour of our school today, for students hoping to join the course in September. Tried my best to answer their questions. I was doing this with another student, and between us we had a good mix of backgrounds - she's entered uni straight from school, whereas I've done four years' worth of other stuff; she's from another country, while I'm from Manchester (30mins away). All worked out well, and hope to do this again soon.

    BIG UP Stewart Brand!

    I'm off for a pasta supper...

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