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    On rented accommodation...

    By drs
    Feb 20, '05 2:07 PM EST

    Instead of heading into student halls like the majority of my peers, I opted for private accommodation, renting a room in a house with three other older students. It was cheaper, more mature, and the owners seemed like genuine folk. The security and happiness which has followed from this decision has been one of the main sources of success in this academic year.
    Does anybody else's landlord send houseplants and runner beans, utterly renovate a kitchen and living room, plan on building wooden scaffolding to clear the gutters, which can then be turned into decking for the garden? I'd love to think so.

    When I began doing background reading in anticipation of studying architecture, I learnt much from Norman Potter's What is a designer. Its author was a respected furniture designer and architectural educator with strong, reasoned opinions and a will to disseminate knowledge and methods of acquiring it. Check it!

    When visiting my landlord down in Bristol this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to find two earlier editions of 'What is a designer...' on his bookshelf. Little did I know that my very landlord had been amongst the first of Potter's students on his notable course in Bristol, and was even credited in a related book as being an excellent model maker! He has also had a major role in a self-build project - AVAG - which I saw today for the first time.

    It's a little strange for me to imagine that the author's teachings have made some impact on the very house I occupy now. Enough of my musings though - I'm away to re-read these texts from a new angle, and to research an essay for the end of the week. Adios!


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      May 15, 09 10:18 am

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      Nov 3, 09 1:24 pm

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      Feb 28, 12 5:14 pm

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      Aug 22, 12 4:44 pm

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      May 19, 17 7:05 am

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