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    The Clash

    By drs
    Jul 9, '05 7:04 AM EST

    This is my first Saturday in some time which hasn't been spent in transit - a true luxury! By this time I've usually arrived in Manchester, ready to work two days in the bookshop before returning to Liverpool. Last week was an exception, with my London visit, but even still I spent a large portion of it in taxis, tubes and trains.

    Thursday's events, where the tube was bombed, are already being christened "7/7". Not particularly inventive, though at least it won't cause much confusion for the American press, being a palindrome.
    Learning of the news, and the extent of the damage, was an unusual sensation. The initial shock is like carpet being pulled from beneath your feet - an infrastructure which you have relied upon is suddenly out of action, and its users are milling around, realising how little we can take for granted. Following this is the incremental release of news throughout the day, where the extent of the damage was revealed, and we even had footage from survivors' camera phones streaming from the BBC. A major event like this makes us aware of how the technology used to record and relate news is becoming ever more sophisticated. We saw incredible footage, which was a little too explicit for some peoples' liking.

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