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    No girl. No job. No excuses...

    By drs
    Mar 11, '06 8:29 PM EST

    The last week has been different from the previous twenty in that I've had no part time job and no lady in my life. Both as matters of choice, and neither was an easy decision to make. Amazing things while they lasted, but I couldn't manage to balance them with...the 'A' word.

    Hopefully I now have a bit more time to update my blog too. Here are a few more links to follow in the meantime:

    Eames SX-70 goodness - also see more and more, which remind us not to trust online reviews.
    On a ^10 tip, precedents and subsequents
    Triptych - beats in Scotland. Graphics by Shrigley. Who's coming to see the Analord?
    Some decent graphic design. - can guess that he worked at M&Co though. Because this came up again lately.
    Turrell ain't to be slept on. Wait while your eyes catch up in these installations. They are beautiful.
    Blentwell - if you need some accompaniment. - sorry to bang on, but it's been updated.
    Oh, and don't sleep on Waxfactor. LP and mix CD to drop.

    Want some architecture links? Gawd, find your own. Or read some proper journals. Or make your own.

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    • cv

      Thank you! This post is stone cold solid from Eames on through. It, er, "helps meet the universal need to do things well. It offers a tool for supplying a rich texture to memory. MORE THAN THAT!...thoughful use can help reveal meaning in the flood of images [and sounds] that makes up so much of human life."

      Mar 12, 06 1:52 am

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