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    Architecture in Helsinki ;)

    By drs
    Aug 31, '05 10:31 AM EST

    I'm out here in Finland, chilling with my good friend Hayes. I've visited wonderfully little architecture - vernacular more than anything - and it feels great! This time is for catching up, disengaging, and perhaps picking up a few future directions; definitely not clock-watching.

    The lifestyle beyond the cities is rich, as I found with a retreat to one summer house about two hours north of Helsinki. It's perfectly relaxing to fill your days with practical tasks, fetching water, catching fish and finding wood to power the indispensible sauna. I jumped naked into the lake, too!


    • WonderK

      That's a great band.

      Aug 31, 05 11:28 am

      the Finnish sauna experience is like none other. I visited on a study tour from DIS during the summer of 2001...have a great time!

      Aug 31, 05 11:40 am

      Are they good? I haven't had chance to check them out yet! Cheers for reading, by the way.

      The architecture in Helsinki is indeed noteworthy though - they're right - as I had a closer look yesterday and it's unlike anything I've seen before. Excellent doorways, unusual window placements, strong verticals, consistent density of seven stories in most places, and kerazee roofs.
      Radio in Helsinki is even better! A sure measure of a city.

      Sauna (say it, SOW-OO-NAH!) indeed rocks. Hopefully we'll be visiting a sixty seater public version today, where they heave gigantic logs onto the fire. Fun a-plenty will be had, cheers.

      Sep 1, 05 5:43 am

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