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    I've got you under my skin.

    By drs
    May 12, '05 7:52 AM EST
    Some recent card models... A police station in black and blue, and my house for an artist process. There is quite a lot of reasoning behind the artist's house with two interbreeding grid systems underpinning the layout. Maybe I can illustrate it when I have my portfolio sheets back.

    Today is my first day of breathing. Taking a small step back to reorganise my life after a fairly intense period of work. Like many other students here, I've been preparing the portfolio which is supposed to summarise my achievements of the year, completing coursework assignments and even taking a few exams. I have just one more exam left, on Wednesday, before summer officially commences!

    So, looking towards summer... Since it accounts for a third of the year, clocking in at a delicious four months, I figure that it has to be more than just relaxation time. I'm still pursuing that job which I was interviewed for - a small but significant local architecture firm - and I think that I have a good chance. Too often we only explore ideas on paper in architecture school, I feel. Working in different media and making larger, heavier mock-ups can be benificial, and working at 1:1 on a real project is the ultimate. This is the experience I hope to gain during summer by working beside an architect.
    I'm also going to spend some time working in a design shop in Manchester, hopefully help with another graffiti exhibition, and maybe visit Prague.

    Outside of uni things are still architecture related, but more tenuously so. Went to see the excellent Autechre, checked friends and did a radio show in Glasgow, went to London and Manchester, cooked loads of decent food, and generally made sure that I'm still enjoying life.

    Can't beat a bit of hardcore electronics, really.



    • they

      its finished!
      at last!
      go look...

      May 14, 05 9:22 am

      ...of course, referring to

      I thought this blog was for my self-promotion, not yours? :P

      Ah well, I wonder if you looked at the .pdf I sent you properly?

      May 15, 05 2:54 pm

      that was for your eyes only!

      hiding it away in the comments!
      wheres my post about it!
      *nudge nudge*

      yeah i looked at it
      i have seen better photos of myself!

      and i wish youd stop banding around photos of me indulging in things i shouldnt be!

      May 16, 05 5:55 pm

      Hahaha... I'll send you the full one, or post it up here if you're so intent on self publicity :P.

      May 17, 05 3:56 am

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