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    Calling all camoufleurs...

    By drs
    Feb 26, '05 7:31 PM EST
    The theme was camouflage. The occasion, birthdays of me and my housemate, and my imminent departure to India. Thanks to all who came, represented and had a great time! People turning up covered with real foliage, with balaclavas, as Cuban revolutionaries, and all the rest of it...many images withheld...

    Having never travelled to anywhere outside of Europe before, aside a trip to New Zealand, preparations for somewhere like India have been unfamiliar. As I said before, visas, insurance and so on are all munching into my time, and the jabs have been the worst thing. Seem to have really knocked me sideways, meaning that I've hardly managed any design over the last week.
    Thankfully though, the worst of that is past and I can begin to actually express excitement! Chandigarh will be an amazing trip. Hopefully I can manage a few updates while over there.

    In fact, the only thing which might convince me to return is the imminent release of Autechre's new album.

    Also, do check this Little Gem, Manc Transit, with a modicum of patience while the excellent images load. Thanks.

    Big up THEY, a regular reader of this very blog. Will hook you up with his site upon re-launch.

    400px version

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    • they


      its coming...soon!*

      *subject to change

      Feb 27, 05 12:12 pm

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