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    By drs
    Jul 9, '05 10:56 AM EST

    In case you haven't noticed, the three most recently updated journals are linked to from the discussions page. With the summer holidays well underway, I reckon that most students are thinking of festivals, sun tans and over-indulgence, with blogging being well down the list of priorities. Therefore I'm posting three times in a row in order to hog the list.

    I bring you another two excellent links for the moments when you retreat indoors from the burning sun:

    Winnoise is creative use of one of the most soul-less playback devices known to man. Explained here.

    Furniture and Naked People is exactly what you might expect from its title. If either of those subject matters offend you, turn off now and resist following the link. Otherwise, enjoy the design classics!

    Nice one...


    • siggers

      Lol, good shit my friend, rather bonkers, but's a crazy world ;)

      Jul 9, 05 1:34 pm

      I found a recent one the other day, naked people and classical buildings. Really shocked me how "intimate" you could get with the Parthenon

      Jul 10, 05 6:37 pm

      Hahaha - wicked... Dig that one out of your history, would you? I'm sure we'd like to see that.

      Jul 10, 05 6:43 pm

      shocking how this blog has gone to the dogs...

      Jul 11, 05 9:18 am

      Hahahaha. You know you love it more than ever. It's only going to get better too! Viva la blogfuckery!

      Jul 11, 05 7:56 pm

      did i say it was a bad thing?!!!

      Jul 12, 05 7:12 pm

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