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    Back to the old routine

    By drs
    Feb 10, '05 6:51 PM EST
    Some process models from the police station project. The sack at the back will turn into the next model tomorrow night, with luck...

    Apologies for a dearth of entries. Gonna try to get back on track although this one'll be short 'cause my vaccinations for India are making me sluggish!
    Things seem to be going well in the studio, except that the second years are having troubles with their tutorial times being cut. I'll find out more of this and hopefully swing into action. I'd be interested to hear how much tutor contact time other universities offer...

    Also have been helping with more open days. Seem to be getting the hang of talking to new students, and helping satisfy their queries. Apparently our school receives about eight hundred applications per year, and they interview everyone. All of these interviewees have a chance to talk to 'real' architecture students.

    Thinking of starting an out-of-hours building collection, to make spaces at 1:1 in the studio, outside of briefs. Maybe the time should be spent on my own projects? I think there's time though, when deadlines aren't looming, to create something a bit more freestyle in ad-hoc teams.

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