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    Got the job...

    By drs
    May 16, '05 7:03 AM EST

    Well, today I received the call which sorted out my summer! From Monday I'll be working in Liverpool at an architecture practice. I prefer not to say which one, to keep things seperate, but rest assured that I'm happy with the position...

    It's an ideal end to my first year as an architecture student. Some great projects, a lot of new friends, a research mission to India, and full time employment. Makes me wonder what next year will bring! Hopefully by then I'll have more of a clue about the mechanics of the construction industry, and might even have a garden shed or kitchen extension in my portfolio :D.

    To keep up with the graphic side of things, here are some shots from our adventures so far in creating a rammed earth wall detail. Images by Caroline and David.

    Formwork for rammed earth:
    West Kirby beach - a short journey by train from Liverpool city centre, where we collected clay:
    The muddy job:
    Two prototype rammed earth slabs. We're still experimenting to find the right consistency. Still seems a bit wobbly!


    • Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      are you sure thats clay and not just mud?

      May 16, 05 9:36 pm

      errm...rammed earth ain't the same as adobe blocks, you do know that, don't you?!?

      May 17, 05 3:18 am

      Yes,we're pretty sure it's clay. Has the right consistency, even though it looks grey. Probably has some other stuff mixed in there :S.
      And yeah, we're just making slabs at the moment to test consistency. Eventually will do a 300mm high version, to represent the top portion of a wall in a 1:2 detail.

      We're using this book - - as reference. If you have any other recommendations, let me know...

      May 17, 05 3:54 am


      Came across you searching on the internet...
      I'm a researcher at Durham uni looking at the decay and repair of old rammed earth buildings, but I'm also looking at existing rammed earth structures to see how they are doing in the UK. We've got our own rammed earth walls down here in the labs which we are testing, just wondering what you are doing with the rammed earth, if you need any help getting the mix and the amount of water right, we can probably help, and if you've got too much clay it will shrink and crack once it dries out. Anyhow I'm at , take a look if you like.


      May 31, 05 7:27 am

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