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  • Starting afresh.

    By drs
    Sep 30, '06 10:00 PM EST

    It has been a while, and I'm sorry. The summer was hectic - work, re-sits, workshops, even deaths - and the beginning of term has been quite full on.

    I'll be on the case over the next few days - HOLD TIGHT, as Ben Drury might say.

    In the meantime, do me a favour and tell me what you think of these paintings.


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  • Colwyn Bay 06 summary

    By drs
    May 30, '06 7:49 AM EST

    Here's a round-up of the Colwyn exhibition for anybody curious as to how it went... Our project was located in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, renowned as a grand little seaside town in the earlier part of last century. Since then it has suffered a dramatic decline. Although the town still has a great... View full entry

  • Exhibition in Colwyn Bay

    By drs
    May 15, '06 7:47 AM EST

    Second year architecture students from the University of Liverpool are exhibiting their schemes for Colwyn Bay, on the very site they were designing for. Exhibition lasts for a week, and is in the left-most building on the flyer... Click for more legible version. View full entry

  • Less about me, and more about school.

    By drs
    Mar 26, '06 3:34 PM EST

    Our three week Easter break is fast approaching, after which we will present our final scheme of the year and take an exam. It really doesn't seem long now until us second years will be moving up into the final stage of our Part 1 education. Mostly scary, but exciting too. I'm realising that many... View full entry

  • No girl. No job. No excuses...

    By drs
    Mar 11, '06 8:29 PM EST

    The last week has been different from the previous twenty in that I've had no part time job and no lady in my life. Both as matters of choice, and neither was an easy decision to make. Amazing things while they lasted, but I couldn't manage to balance them with...the 'A' word. Hopefully I now have... View full entry

  • NYR

    By drs
    Jan 2, '06 6:52 PM EST

    Finally all the obligations are through. I've attended some great Christmas parties, seen several families, and served my time with a bit more retail (good shop, don't worry). Now it's the moment to knuckle down to some revision, project finishing, and coursework writing. A few consecutive... View full entry

  • The Secret Life of Bees

    By drs
    Nov 11, '05 5:33 PM EST

    Since I haven't shown anything in a while, here's a little bit of recent work. It was a one week long site survey undertaken as a group of three. Sandra, Dianne and I had to present a snapshot of an area of Manchester as we understood it, and hopefully draw some conclusions which would inform the... View full entry

  • I'll write more, I promise...

    By drs
    Oct 26, '05 7:03 PM EST

    Well, I've had a few complaints [Tom] about the lack of content on here. Of course it's been playing on my mind, and I fully intend to rectify the situation in the future. That's the public apology over with. Here follow some reasons - not excuses, please note - why I've been a little too tied up... View full entry

  • Architecture in Helsinki ;)

    By drs
    Aug 31, '05 10:31 AM EST

    I'm out here in Finland, chilling with my good friend Hayes. I've visited wonderfully little architecture - vernacular more than anything - and it feels great! This time is for catching up, disengaging, and perhaps picking up a few future directions; definitely not clock-watching. The lifestyle... View full entry

  • Decent T-shirts

    By drs
    Aug 16, '05 5:56 PM EST

    If Archinect's recent T-shirt competition isn't floating your boat, check out this fresh new endeavour from the headz behind Subsurface... Supa 7 View full entry

  • Archiporn!

    By drs
    Jul 9, '05 10:56 AM EST

    In case you haven't noticed, the three most recently updated journals are linked to from the discussions page. With the summer holidays well underway, I reckon that most students are thinking of festivals, sun tans and over-indulgence, with blogging being well down the list of priorities... View full entry

  • Linkage.

    By drs
    Jul 9, '05 10:27 AM EST

    Yeah, completely unrelated to architecture, but my link of the moment is an insight into London pirate radio, which is renowned but often difficult to experience. To shift the balance, some concrete bizness from India; enjoy...The awesome staircase at Corbusier's 'Secretariat' building. The wooden... View full entry

  • The Clash

    By drs
    Jul 9, '05 7:04 AM EST

    This is my first Saturday in some time which hasn't been spent in transit - a true luxury! By this time I've usually arrived in Manchester, ready to work two days in the bookshop before returning to Liverpool. Last week was an exception, with my London visit, but even still I spent a large portion... View full entry

  • Hold No Hostage

    By drs
    Jul 4, '05 6:28 PM EST

    Futura hit GPSI made a small pilgrimage to the gherkin, but this fucker blew it out of the water close up.Michael Cross & Julie Mathias at the Design Museum, plunging bulbs into water. I'd seen a smaller installation in Liverpool last week - this was a treat.As you descend into the crypt at... View full entry

  • Conquere

    By drs
    Jun 17, '05 4:33 PM EST

    Briefly: Just spent my first three enlightening weeks in an architecture practice. Great stuff. Also been working at the bookshop, which adds up to seven days a week. Bought a new beast of a computer, to help us finish the QTVR. Architecture Week has begun in the UK - many events to check. And the... View full entry

  • Got the job...

    By drs
    May 16, '05 7:03 AM EST

    Well, today I received the call which sorted out my summer! From Monday I'll be working in Liverpool at an architecture practice. I prefer not to say which one, to keep things seperate, but rest assured that I'm happy with the position... It's an ideal end to my first year as an architecture... View full entry

  • I've got you under my skin.

    By drs
    May 12, '05 7:52 AM EST

    Some recent card models... A police station in black and blue, and my house for an artist process. There is quite a lot of reasoning behind the artist's house with two interbreeding grid systems underpinning the layout. Maybe I can illustrate it when I have my portfolio sheets back. Today is my... View full entry

  • Long see no time

    By drs
    May 3, '05 4:26 AM EST

    Just to let people know - I haven't abandoned this blog; I'm just snowed under with work at the minute! Since returning from India, I've had that house design to complete (in half time), coursework, a job interview, and all the usual stuff. I am having a lot of fun, though. Architecture is... View full entry

  • Hi-to-tzuki

    By drs
    Apr 7, '05 6:17 PM EST

    Word to Kami and Sasu! And keep your ears peeled on Sunday at 20:00, British Summer Time. View full entry

  • Now in Dubai...

    By drs
    Apr 2, '05 4:01 PM EST

    Well, I'm still a little too shell-shocked by my experiences of India to write a detailed summary. It must be said, however, that we've had a very productive time. We shot about fifty panoramas, cut a great number of sections through architectural features of the park and finished documenting the... View full entry

  • Indian Treat...

    By drs
    Mar 15, '05 9:50 AM EST

    Currently creating a full Quicktime VR tour of Nek Chand's Rock Garden, in Chandigarh. Have visited all the Corbusier buildings and done much else to immerse myself in the culture here. It's an amazing place and I hope to post some pictures soon. View full entry

  • Calling all camoufleurs...

    By drs
    Feb 26, '05 7:31 PM EST

    The theme was camouflage. The occasion, birthdays of me and my housemate, and my imminent departure to India. Thanks to all who came, represented and had a great time! People turning up covered with real foliage, with balaclavas, as Cuban revolutionaries, and all the rest of it...many images... View full entry

  • On rented accommodation...

    By drs
    Feb 20, '05 2:07 PM EST

    Instead of heading into student halls like the majority of my peers, I opted for private accommodation, renting a room in a house with three other older students. It was cheaper, more mature, and the owners seemed like genuine folk. The security and happiness which has followed from this decision... View full entry

  • keep on keepin' on..

    By drs
    Feb 18, '05 5:43 PM EST

    Things are just ticking over here. Police stations are starting to take shape, and I'll post some shots of mine soon. I've done enough models for the time being, including one from plaster, and am now working on structural stability and floor plan. These will then inform the final shape to all me... View full entry

  • Back to the old routine

    By drs
    Feb 10, '05 6:51 PM EST

    Some process models from the police station project. The sack at the back will turn into the next model tomorrow night, with luck... Apologies for a dearth of entries. Gonna try to get back on track although this one'll be short 'cause my vaccinations for India are making me sluggish! Things seem... View full entry

  • Build & Destroy!

    By drs
    Jan 31, '05 6:59 PM EST

    some shots of my work-space, inspired by MADianito's blog and Wooster Collective... Evening all. Tonight's a bit of a quiet one for me. Somewhat shattered after too many late nights, plus swimming and carrying a tremendous stack of books back from the library! Studio was fun today. Not sure... View full entry

  • Rock On (to the break of dawn / keep keep it on / keep keep it on)

    By drs
    Jan 30, '05 9:27 PM EST

    So, it's two in the morning between Sunday and Monday, and what've we achieved? Well, the model above was finished today by three fine team members and myself. It's a 1:200 representation of the police station site with contours and some basic buildings. Now everybody can make their own maquettes... View full entry

  • Studio Burn

    By drs
    Jan 26, '05 8:37 PM EST

    not related to this post, but a possible future project, and a test of my mini tripod, like this which my dad bought me, in low light... It's 1:30am and I'm just back from the studio. We have a tutorial tomorrow and are expected to have produced something of a site survey. I've done the majority... View full entry

  • Harnessed The Storm

    By drs
    Jan 26, '05 5:15 AM EST

    This is a basic grid which I will use to present all of my work this year. Anything which might end up in my portfolio must conform to this layout. It's my own idea and my own grid and, it must be said, I already dislike it. Some conformity should improve the portfolio over all though, and next... View full entry

  • A Fresh Start

    By drs
    Jan 24, '05 12:20 PM EST

    Here is the approach to the site of our next project - a welcoming police station. At the top of this hill is the Metropolitan Cathedral, and at the bottom is the beginning of the shopping centre. All around are Georgian buildings, light industrial works, monstorous 60s car parks and various bits... View full entry

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