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Wine manufactury Clemens Strobl

The Clemens Strobl winery is the economic heart of the facilities surrounding the former 19thcentury Meierhof of Schloss Winklberg in Mitterstockstall am Wagarm. It comprises a wine cellar with original vaults, a new tasting room with a kitchen as well as offices. These business premises consist of two long gabled houses, which meet in an obtuse angle – one of them a gutted and extensively restored original, the other a newer building that replaced a barn that was “beyond saving”. The connecting element of the two buildings is a steel construction that tapers towards the inner courtyard and refers to long past days of industrial architecture with its rungs. Below, the cubically inserted tasting room links the two buildings on the inside.

The clients asked for “as little design as possible” for their premises – and destilat reacted to this request with a very reduced colour language and design vocabulary as well as an equally puristic material selection: subtly reminiscent of the historic stock but still confidently new. Polished screed on the floor and white Heraklith on the ceiling, which also absorbs sound, alternate in bright smoky tones. The kitchen block presents itself is made with matured spruce wood and a grey varnish, as sections taken from the massive “building block” reveal the white interior made of untreated Multi Force slabs. The stringent colour concept continues on the outside as well – the old brickwork was exposed and washed to integrate it harmoniously into the ensemble. Besides four further ancient finds for the interior, destilat found an old village well in Upper Austria that now marks the centre of the yard as well as the entire estate.

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Status: Built
Location: Kirchberg am Wagram, AT