destilat Design Studio GmbH

destilat Design Studio GmbH

Wien, AT | Linz, AT


Apartment H

The batten flooring, ceiling painting, and winged doors of the 140-square-meter apartment were carefully renovated. The visual and haptic qualities of the newly added elements are in no way inferior to their historical models.

High-quality plaster, wood, aluminum, and glass form the material potpourri of the architectural implant. In this way, a new bedroom, bathroom, and adjacent sauna area were added. A massive platform sets off the wet area.

Also new is an open fireplace, the new center of the apartment. A projecting and retreating ensemble of cubes arises, creating an impressive mise-en-scene for the blazing fire before the dark background.

The tempting space in front is an invitation to “floor-it,” that is, to stretch out on the ground. Vintage furniture from the 1960s and 1970s forms a bridge between an old frame and new ideas.

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Status: Built
Location: Austria