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Gut Wagram Bathhouse

The former Meierhof of Schloss Winklberg in Mitterstockstall am Wagram already had a historic bathhouse with a swimming and boating pond that was turned into a guest house during the estate’s general renovation. Its historic components – arbours decorated with extensive carvings – were restored in their original style and connected to an elongated, symmetrical 60’s-style bungalow. The spacious living space with its open fireplace open and the extensive terrace open towards the 300-m2pond, which includes a natural pool in its centre.

Besides the actual design, consulting expertise always plays a significant role in the interior designers’ work. This is why destilat also supported this client empathetically to find out exactly what they were looking for and ultimately develop an individually finetuned material concept that emphasizes the myriad of facets that make the entire estate’s indoor and outdoor facilities what they are.

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Status: Built
Location: Kirchberg am Wagram, AT