destilat Design Studio GmbH

destilat Design Studio GmbH

Wien, AT | Linz, AT


Lounge Z

destilat designed an open lounge in the spacious garage of a car enthusiast who wanted a befitting architectural framework for his exclusive car collection.

For this project we defined a specific area in the two-storied building that is spatially separated from the garage by three steps. At the same time, the cars are elevated and by presenting them on such a pedestal the collection feels more like an exhibition in a museum.

The project’s two permanently installed key elements, the hospitality/bar element and the room dividing shelves combine teak-wood bodies with green marble panels, which are connected formally as well as constructively by a frame of shaped black tubes. The shelves’ vertical teak slats define subtle spatial borders while still providing an unimpeded visual connection from the lower-lying lounge to the actual garage area and vice versa.

The result of this project is a relaxed place with stylish ambience, offering a great view of the precious collector’s items while welcoming its guests to “talk shop” among like-minded people.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT