destilat Design Studio GmbH

destilat Design Studio GmbH

Wien, AT | Linz, AT


Hammerl Immobilien

destilat developed a custom-made interior design concept for Hammerl Immobilien Management GmbH’s new offices.

This new office layout meets all of the project’s diverse requirements: maximum storage space to access and file documents as quickly as possible was combined with workstations which support and improve communication as well as teamwork.

The design concept is based on two central themes: on the one hand it is based on the theme of renovation, on the other hand on the company’s new logo which resembles the stylised header of a blueprint.

Large panels were used for sliding doors which were decorated with specially developed graphic patterns. These patterns emerged by overlaying various wallpaper patterns from a wide range of different eras. This design idea refers to the renovation processes for apartments.

Furthermore, foil variations of the logo’s square were added to glass partitions and a delicate line pattern was milled into the surfaces of various pieces of furniture, including the console.

The building’s entire top floor, with all of its interior elements from the 80’s, was gutted and then reconstructed with an entirely new floor plan.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT
Additional Credits: Fotocredits: destilat / Harald Hatschenberger