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    I wannnttt to be LTL

    By Laura
    Nov 20, '06 1:10 AM EST

    I'm trying to make my final presentation look like LTL'S style and, well, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. This is extremely frustrating to me, especially because my life would be so much easier if my project was orthagonal. Honestly, that's all I need from life.


    • ichweiB


      Generate geometry with your favorite modeler.
      make a perspective section, or as a guy in studio likes to call it a "perspection"

      cast shadows and save as a jpeg

      Trace with on velum

      scan or photocopy

      photocopy will give increased contrast in line quality or scan can be adjusted in photoshop

      render in illustrator with lower opacities of color or if you have time, use watercolor

      lay jpeg of casted shadows over file in illustrator and trace shadow lines, then erase jepg and adjust shadow opacity to your liking

      continual refer to LTL website to guide you through proper color opacities etc... and hopefully, rely on talent and instinct

      Nov 20, 06 11:49 am

      or in a less digital way, take colored construction paper (preferably orange or baby blue), cut out certain shapes to match your drawings (to highlight certain areas), cut out vellum or mylar to the same shape, overlay it on the construction paper and you now have a drawing that will pop like no other.

      also, draw on the front of vellum, marker on the back.

      but then again, don't look towards copying a style, per se. find out what specifically you like about them, and evolve their style into a style more personal and experimental for yourself.

      Nov 20, 06 1:15 pm

      one more thing.. don't let orthagonal look attractive to you because it would be "so much easier" to do. if you like un-orthagonal things, then do it. you will get a lot more pleasure and satisfaction out of doing something hard and enjoying it. but orthagonal is not always bad, you can make some amazing things with "orthagonal" design. i'm starting to realize this now.

      Nov 20, 06 1:20 pm

      use there render style as a reference if you must, but be yourself. you don't have to do it all to look exactly like LTL, take the initial rendering concepts and expand upon/extrapolate them in your own way.

      Nov 20, 06 2:01 pm

      here's my version that i use a lot...

      1) model in autocad/3dviz.
      2) print out 11x17 views.
      3) trace on white bumwad with ink
      4) scan ink on bumwad drawing
      5) color scanned drawing in photoshop with different translucencies

      Nov 20, 06 4:00 pm

      oh yeah, one more step...

      6) insert grayscale entourage (people, cars, etc.)

      Nov 20, 06 4:02 pm

      Wow, I honestly did not expect so much good advice. Thanks guys. My big problem, I guess, is that I have no idea how to use any 3D modeling programs (I know, i know, it's time to learn - it's just a little daunting with my review so close). So I've been drafting the perspectives by hand, which is tedious with lots of angles.

      The reason that I want to be LTL so badly is because my studio professor decided we are all horribly horrible at representation, and we had to pick a representational style to use as a precendent so that she was not humiliated by our lack of drawing skills at our final review. Poor lady.

      architphil, I added some awesome grayscale entourage already, which I am VERY proud of.

      Nov 20, 06 7:03 pm

      Laura...for simple perspectives use SketchUp. Create the 3D model -the software is rel easy to get the hang of... - then print and trace (if you must).
      ...or better everything in SU then use Photoshop to finish ;)

      have fun :)

      Feb 17, 08 5:12 am

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