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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    ...and life gets busier..

    By Laura
    Sep 27, '06 11:30 AM EST

    We're designing places to meditate in the park we've been analyzing, and my studio partner (who's also my roommate, and it's a miracle we haven't killed each other yet) and I are using a system of screens to separate program. This leads to tedious hours of cutting the tiniest strips of basswood imaginable and gluing them together with tweezers. All in all, extremely frustrating, but the effect is awesome.

    I invented a new way to build site models with strange topography lines (like a steep, irregular hill). You cut out planes according to the topography lines on the site plan, and then you use some kind of interstitial material to float these planes on top of each other the correct distance away to be true to whatever scale you're using. People keep telling me that I did not invent this method, and it much have been around before my time, but I'm looking for some hard evidence on this.

    As for my only non-studio care in the world, I got an A on my first Calculus II test. Word.


    • ummm... how else would you build a site model?

      maybe i'm misunderstanding your description...

      Sep 27, 06 1:18 pm

      look towards the landscape architecture studios...

      Sep 27, 06 1:55 pm

      -phil, the distinction is that Laura's putting some sticks between each layer of the topo, thereby creating a rhythm of plane-gap-plane-gap...
      ...rather than the typical stacking of planes. yes, it's been done a thousand times before, but if you didn't know that, then you invented it for yourself. congratulations.

      i wanna see images of these screens that you described. also, you can by microsticks, rather than cutting the tiniest strips of basswood imaginable...they range in size from relatively tiny to tinier than imaginable.

      Sep 27, 06 2:30 pm
      Chili Davis

      Micro-Sticks, by Pero, they're actually tooth picks.

      Sep 27, 06 2:39 pm

      no. not those.


      Sep 27, 06 2:47 pm
      Chili Davis

      Those look much better than the toothpicks I was thinking of.

      Sep 27, 06 2:49 pm

      awww, now i understand... that could be a cool method for a site model if there is space between the layers and your project is all about screening...

      AP, i miss CFOP... don't you?

      Sep 27, 06 3:09 pm
      vado retro

      micro-stick was the nickname a mean former girlfriend gave me.

      Sep 27, 06 4:22 pm

      actually, architphil, I can't stand that place.

      [rant] rip-off central. (CFOP = Central Florida Office Plus, once the only choice in Gainesville for most of your modeling and drafting needs.)...a bottle of quicktite (super-glue gel, many students prefer it to Zap-a-gap) is like $6.50 at CFOP, and costs $2.39 at Lowes. everything is super marked-up.
      Those stingy bastards have denied numerous invitations to contribute to scholarship programs or anything else philanthropical concerning the school, even though student contributions pay their bills. We had to jump through hoops to get 'em to put a cheap add in Architrave! [/rant]

      insert plug: the new guy in town..
      Magnum Wood has an ever-increasing inventory of products, and they deliver (until like 3am or something). they even sell starbucks doubleshots. one of the guys was a UF architecture undergrad gone businessman.

      they don't rip off students, and actually give stuff away regularly. actually, since they started (like 2-3 years ago), CFOP closed the westgate location. suckas!

      Sep 27, 06 4:43 pm

      i think laura was practicing the art of sarcasm. An art which none of you have yet to master.

      Sep 27, 06 7:58 pm

      yeah i think anytime that you think you've invented something, look to vindPER, and ask what would corelPUST do?

      Sep 27, 06 10:41 pm


      Is this the class of '03 Phil?

      Sep 28, 06 10:13 am

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