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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    Orange is the new black

    By Laura
    Sep 14, '06 1:07 AM EST

    Today I decided my studio stool was too ugly for me to get attached to. The reason I need to be attached is that stools are often in short supply and people can be ruthless at times. Anyway, I took orange artist's tape and wrote my name out in Hebrew on the top of the stool.


    This works for two reasons. No one knows it says my name, so if they steal it they won't bother ripping off the tape, and I'll be able to get it back. Also, it just looks cool.


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      that stool looks familiar...

      Sep 14, 06 7:13 am

      Ugh, we used to sit on those butt hurts just thinking about it. Some people would bring their own drafting chairs - the ones not chained to their owners' tables would make it around the studio at night (said owners not being there). We'd take turns and time the use of them!

      Sep 14, 06 8:40 am

      Haha yeah, most people don't like them, and a lot of people have their own drafting chairs. I honestly have absolutely no problem with them, though I also stand for a majority of the time. My first semester the problem was bad enough that we all had to chain ours up, but what with the dropping of 30% of my class, everything's a little better now.

      Sep 14, 06 8:57 am

      30% drop out rate? Damm.. thoes stools must be horrible!

      your stool looks great! (lets not forget i have a health profession background so I have said this to clients before but in different situations.. haha.. gross).

      Sep 14, 06 9:18 am

      ps- my mum is 5ft

      Sep 14, 06 9:19 am

      You pull out all-nighters in that? u sure love architecture...

      Sep 14, 06 11:33 pm

      Not gonna lie I've taken some good naps on it as well

      Sep 16, 06 1:15 am

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