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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    Quikrete my ass

    By Laura
    Sep 10, '06 10:46 PM EST

    We've been doing a film about Thornden park in studio, and this weekend we started this project where we have to take a clip from our movie and render it into three dimensional space in some abstract way. The biggest catch: We have to form whatever shapes we make out of concrete.

    Since it's a studio project and clearly we never have nearly enough time to do anything, we're using Quikrete, not normal concrete. It works probably about the same, and it probably about the same pain in the ass.


    The powder got in my nose and made it itch yesterday, which was ultimately not a big deal since I woke up with a cold this morning anyway. My partner and I are getting better at the concrete thing though. We even figured out how to cast a little box of something inside the concrete form so that it rattles when you shake it (our video was about noise so we were instructed to make our volume make noise). All the same, any advice for casting is overly appreciated.

    I'm looking forward to feeling better and to Rem Koolhaas in a week.


    • koboldstudios

      If you ever develop a coke habit, you can use the Quikrete "powder" excuse to cover your tracks! Ha!!

      What do you mean that you get to look forward to Koolio later on this week?

      Sep 10, 06 10:59 pm

      Koolhaas is talking in Bailey Hall on Cornell's campus on Tuesday the 19th at 4:30pm, and I'm going to seeee himmmm.

      Here's the email I got about it:

      > Subject: Koolhaas to Lecture at Cornell
      > It is my pleasure to announce that celebrated architect Rem
      > Koolhaas will give a lecture at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, September 19 in
      > Bailey Hall, Cornell University.

      > If you would like to attend, please contact
      > Beth Kunz at 255-7324 or

      So yeah. Open to the public. How could anyone pass that up?

      Sep 10, 06 11:46 pm

      Wow! You'll have to let us know how that goes. I'm stuck on a pre-historic beach in New Mexico, so i'll unfortunately have to pass. ;)

      Sep 10, 06 11:54 pm

      do you have jon yoder for studio?

      Sep 11, 06 10:38 am

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      Sep 13, 06 9:46 am

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