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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    Monument to Now

    By Laura
    Sep 6, '06 11:35 PM EST

    Lindy Roy gave a lecture at the Warehouse today, and I was fairly inspired by her work. Actually, I was completely inspired by her as a person. First of all, her design was good.


    That's a bar her team desgined to be built in an old meatpacking building that she used to work in and that was scheduled for demolition. Her use of fiber optics in the project was innovative, and she also managed to weave fiber optics, though often subtly, into the other projects she talked about.

    It also made me feel good to see a woman in control of her life, designing spectacular things that I really respect, and also giving a fun, humorous, and enjoyable presentation. It often depresses me to see how many more men succeed in architecture - if so few women do well for themselves, how could I possibly think I will? Roy was such a nice breath of fresh air.

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