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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    I'm all alone

    By Laura
    Sep 30, '06 11:40 AM EST

    What's that? Oh, that's the studio being cleared out except for my entire studio section, who is toiling away at three in the morning. Yeah, that makes me feel really good. It's times like that that you wish your professor would walk in and realize that you're the only one still working.

    By the way, as you can see our studios are in a warehouse that was renovated by Richard Gluckman to be used as a school of architecture. This is the second semester we've used the warehouse, and I'm pretty sure no one really knows what they think of it yet.


    • bRink

      Ya, but there's something nice about having the whole studio to yourself... Great for concentrating, no? Bring a radio, play your music, and chill with the other rare night owls and harcore students... It can be bliss when you get results!

      Oct 1, 06 2:08 am
      vado retro

      perhaps you have a time mangagement problem???

      Oct 1, 06 8:15 am

      No, generally speaking my time management abilities top everyone else's and I get out of there pretty early. I mean, they wouldn't figure out which of us have time management issues and then put us all in one studio..I don't think.

      And yes, I like the studio empty, I just wish it was a few people here and there rather than "Oh look, only Lori Brown's section is working right now" if you know what I'm saying.

      Oct 1, 06 10:44 am

      send your prof. the link, Laura.

      as for time culture brings this sort of thing upon itself. there are certainly students who overcome the potentially ridiculous hours with great time management etc. I wasn't one of 'em, but they do exist. One of my good friends from undergrad never stayed late, always went to the gym, participated fully in his fraternity, got straight A's, and now attends GSD.

      that studio space looks pleasant enough. I like the brick wall...

      Oct 1, 06 11:32 am

      There are huge windows in that brick wall actually, they just didn't make them into the photo. They're orange and blue, because apparently we weren't school-spirited enough when we used regular clear windows.

      Oct 1, 06 11:16 pm

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