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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    While you were sleeping

    By Laura
    Sep 13, '06 12:28 PM EST

    It's always during late nights at studio when there's tons of work to be done that time must be allocated for some deep thinking and discussion among peers. I think the reason for this is misery loves company, and the people who suffer through hard nights with us are people we find being able to serioiusly consider close friends. That and we like to procrastinate, especially when we're tired.


    Anyway, the discussion last night (of which I was not a part, but was working near by and tuned in for) was about what thesis is really about, and what things one should be considering when doing one's thesis. It's an interesting topic for discussion, I think, because who really knows? And yet it seems to important....

    Nicole and I pulled our latest night in studio so far this year, which left me four hours for sleeping before my 8 am class this morning. I wasn't pleased, but then I got on the bus with a bunch of first years and realized how much more their lives suck.

    So far none of the studio work we've done has been interesting enough to post photos of, but I feel like the time is coming soon. Oh, and apparently they're spray-painting two sides of our building, so that should be interesting for documentation. In the meantime, here's what my latest moment of photo-editing fun got me:


    I took that photo on someone else's camera, and then went through a lot of shit to actually acquire the image, so I'm pleased to have finally done something with it. It's not a major feat, I know, but I still think it's classy.

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