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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    ...What grade is this?

    By Laura
    Sep 6, '06 12:25 AM EST

    Second year. Notoriously demanding professor. My roommate sits across from my in studio. And we're making diaramas and videos?

    No really, our professor has us doing site analysis of the park near campus (known lovingly as "The Rape Park" because of the multitude of disgusting crimes that are preformed there). We haven't been doing diagrams or relief models or anything that I'm used to/expected (and that the other studios are doing). Instead, she handed out disposable cameras (we weren't allowed to use our digitals) and told us to go shoot photos and make a presentation that analyzed the park using them.

    That was fun. Then we did it again. Then we did it again. Now I'm just sort of sick of doing things that pertain to architecture only in that overly abstract way where you know deep down that it's going to pertain to something someday, but you also know you'll just have to wait to find out what the professor has in store.

    Anyway, when she told us to make a video, I sort of freaked out a little bit. I don't know the first thing about conventions of video-making, and therefore had no idea even where to start. Thanks to my trusty Powerbook and the graciousness of James (who lent me a camera) I did manage to actually produce something, but it's not what one would call "innovative."

    I'm just...really anxious for "real" assignment. My friend Kurt, who actually seems to have one of those, is of course jealous of us, so I guess it's all relative.

    Class at eight tomorrow. Gross.

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    • l8rpeace

      oh is that the park up above booth hall? I'm sure you know it's great for sleds in the snow, but you should also know that if you stand between Booth and Dellplain you can ROCK golf balls down Waverly. it's great because either you split the buildings and roll all the way down to S Crouse OR you ricochet off the back of the dorms.

      Sep 6, 06 12:43 am

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