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  • Zurich is cool.

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Oct 23, '04 10:56 AM EST

    We're on fall break, and I'm here in Zurich. Zurich is cool. Not even Swissair trying to charge me for a Coke on the plane, losing my bag and then trying to tell me I could only cash in the voucher they gave me when I got bumped one time for 2/3 of its value (I won that argument) can make Zurich not cool for me.

    A small sample of how cool Zurich is: I forgot to bring any Pentel pencils with me to Florence and have been regretting it ever since. Pentels don't seem to exist in Italy, and pencils that are almost, but not quite, as good cost 20 Euro and up, so I've been suffering with lesser German models. I go in a random art supplyish store here, and not only do they have them in 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9, they have the elusive 0.3 and the 0.5 comes in four different colors. So I got one in burgundy, and a very nice lead holder, both for less than they would have cost in the States.

    Okay, I've been an architecture student for too long, I freely admit it. But Zurich is cool for many other reasons, which I'll talk about some other time whe I'm not in an internet cafe in Zurich.

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  • Pics from Vicenza and Venice

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Oct 18, '04 7:24 AM EST

    I took 541 pics this weekend, thanks to my new 512 mb flash card. Here are a few: Villa Rotunda, Palladio. Acqua alta at the Querina Stampalia, Scarpa. Some tourists trying to get around the Piazza San Marco. Chiesa San Marco foyer. The flood waters made it up the stairs. San Giorgio Maggiore... View full entry

  • Better late than never; back from Venice

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Oct 18, '04 7:01 AM EST

    Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, it's been a bit crazy here but it's settled down some now. We've been to Mantua, Verona, the Aldo Rossi cemetery at Modena, Vicenza and, most recently, Venice. Venice is just about the coolest place I've ever been, a close second to Fenway Park. A brief... View full entry

  • More pics - Como, Milan and Torino

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Sep 22, '04 10:49 AM EST

    This weekend's trip was 3 days to Como, Milan and Torino. A few of the things we saw: The lake at Como. They tell me this was where the filmed some scenes in Star Wars 2. War memorial by Sant'Elia, executed by Terragni. Both were from Como. (Other famous Comians include both Plinys and Volta, the... View full entry

  • Pics at last

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Sep 15, '04 10:47 AM EST

    Some pics from our first couple of weeks here. All were taken by me unless otherwise noted. At the monastery at Galluzzo (where Corb received enlightenment): The Uffizi at night (photo by Mel Meyer): At the Villa Gamberaia, architect unknown: A couple of SketchUp graphics I did after I got back... View full entry

  • Week 1 (warning: rambling post)

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Sep 7, '04 9:26 AM EST

    So I've been in Florence a week, and so far it beats the heck out of being in Syracuse. Haven't got any pics to a computer that's on the net yet, but I will soon. It's a bit of a pain - would it really be that hard to do wireless in the university buildings so I could do this on my own laptop? Oh... View full entry

  • Ciao tutti!

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Sep 6, '04 6:45 AM EST

    Buona sera. Apologies for not posting sooner, but they've only got our net access up today, and I've been very busy what with all the eating pizza, shopping for designer knockoffs and going to the beach. More info and pics to follow, after buying books and going to studio (some things never... View full entry

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