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    Some things just aren't okay.

    By Laura
    Oct 9, '06 12:11 PM EST

    Almost all of the second year studios have a review today. Since first year at Syracuse is all about the hand-drawing and the model building, most of us are doing plots for the first time. I've never used a large format plotter before this review, and it's one of two major reviews that my studio is having this semester.

    So you can probably figure out how I feel about the plot monitor that was supposed to be there all day yesterday not showing up at all. At all.

    He was supposed to work 9am to 1pm, and then again 5pm to 11pm. I noticed he wasn't there for the morning shift, but didn't think much of it because usually this guy doesn't show up for the Sunday morning shift. Annoying, but deal-withable. What I didn't notice was that he was also scheduled to work Sunday night, so when I went to start plotting at 5:20, my life pretty much ended.

    My big problem was that my computer knowledge was not broad enough to give me the effect i wanted without montaging the plots onto hand drawings, so I had to do test prints to make sure they came out, and the other plot monitor offering to show up between 10 and 11 pm wasn't going to help me with that.

    My studio partner (thank god) brought in backup and got her friend in here to help me solve every single computer issue between 5:30 and 10 so that I could just run the plots right at 10. He saved my life, but the five-hour long nervous breakdown that I went through during that time is thus far unmatched by any other breakdowns architecture school has caused me.

    And in all honesty, the school's going to need to call for witness protection for the guy who didn't show up, because so many of us needed the plot room last night and we all know who he is and where to find him. He will be fired, and hopefully he will never get another job. Honestly, I'm so angry at this guy. He has most definitely fucked with the wrong group of people.


    Anyway, these are my friends. Mario, Luigi, Ostro, Princess, Pidget, Koopa, Troopa, and Zelda.


    • are your friends imaginary, have you named the plotters, or did your picture get cut off?

      Anyway, much sympathy for your plight. I think it happens to everyone at one point in their schooling, but that doesn't exactly make it any more 'deal-withable' when it's your turn. Just know that most everyone here feels for you. And yes, def. complain to the administration re: the plot monitor. Maybe next time drop in on him a day or two early and just double check that he will be in at the scheduled necessary time and make sure you knows that reviews are happening the next day. That way he'll know and won't feel like it's an ok time to take a sicky.

      Oct 9, 06 1:10 pm
      Chili Davis

      It's okay, Laura, our plotters have names, too!

      Oct 9, 06 1:13 pm

      Haha yes! Someone understands me. (yes, the plotters have names)

      Yeah, the guy's not the usual plot monitor - the regulars are okay and hopefully this loser can be replaced. I'm glad to have your sympathy :-). Our review is in 15 minutes and we have everything done, so it turned out alright in the end.

      Oct 9, 06 1:17 pm
      Chili Davis

      "Old Dirty Bastard"

      Oct 9, 06 1:22 pm

      I thought I'd never forget the names of the printers at my school, but I guess I did.

      Oct 9, 06 1:41 pm

      ODB! that's awesome...but, you know, ODB is dead now.

      Oct 9, 06 1:53 pm
      Chili Davis

      I'm sure the plotter will follow shortly.

      Oct 9, 06 2:06 pm
      Arnaud M.

      Last year we had computers named Jenna Jameson, Betty Page and other names of dirty-glamour related celebrities I just can't remember. I guess a school official inspected the computer labs because they changed the names on the computers this year...for much more conventional things.

      Oct 9, 06 4:43 pm

      i also had some diagrams to plot last night but luckily i didn't have a review...

      Oct 9, 06 10:40 pm

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