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Sep '06 - Dec '06

  • Whew.

    By Laura
    Dec 15, '06 8:04 PM EST

    My review went well. My last final was tonight. My brain is fried and I am oh so tired. Nonetheless, I'm going to be sad not being here.

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  • I wannnttt to be LTL

    By Laura
    Nov 20, '06 1:10 AM EST

    I'm trying to make my final presentation look like LTL'S style and, well, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. This is extremely frustrating to me, especially because my life would be so much easier if my project was orthagonal. Honestly, that's all I need from life. View full entry

  • It's always funny when site model topography pieces look like guns

    By Laura
    Nov 14, '06 2:01 PM EST

    It's always funny when site model topography pieces look like guns View full entry

  • It's too cold to swim.

    By Laura
    Nov 13, '06 1:06 PM EST

    At the beginning of every design project, I have high hopes for a classy, simple, ordered design that's based on the interactions of orthagonal forms to convey meaning and purpose and spacial quality. By the end of every project I have something that often looks cool, but is convoluted, my... View full entry

  • Pllleeaassseeeeee

    By Laura
    Oct 16, '06 12:39 PM EST

    This weekend isn't the first time that a studio professor has asked us to do something that turned out to be somewhat impossible. Our professor wanted us to make a film about swimming this weekend, and it turns out that bringing cameras into the pools at the university is strictly forbidden unless... View full entry

  • Yay for good reviews!

    By Laura
    Oct 10, '06 10:44 PM EST

    My studio partner and I had an amazing revieiw yesterday, so I figured I'd post some photos from the models. Anyway, the program is a meditation room and community center that includes a ktichen and dining area. The site is the hill in the park behind our campus. Our project is two huge concrete... View full entry

  • Some things just aren't okay.

    By Laura
    Oct 9, '06 12:11 PM EST

    Almost all of the second year studios have a review today. Since first year at Syracuse is all about the hand-drawing and the model building, most of us are doing plots for the first time. I've never used a large format plotter before this review, and it's one of two major reviews that my studio... View full entry

  • First all-nighter of the semester!

    By Laura
    Oct 6, '06 3:58 AM EST

    My studio partner and I have spent the last week and a half making intricate screens for our model. We've been using baswood and an olfa knife and tweezers, and have pretty much managed to develop carpal tunnel. They're awesome though: Anyway, we were on our last batch the other night, and... View full entry

  • I'm all alone

    By Laura
    Sep 30, '06 11:40 AM EST

    What's that? Oh, that's the studio being cleared out except for my entire studio section, who is toiling away at three in the morning. Yeah, that makes me feel really good. It's times like that that you wish your professor would walk in and realize that you're the only one still working. By the... View full entry

  • ...and life gets busier..

    By Laura
    Sep 27, '06 11:30 AM EST

    We're designing places to meditate in the park we've been analyzing, and my studio partner (who's also my roommate, and it's a miracle we haven't killed each other yet) and I are using a system of screens to separate program. This leads to tedious hours of cutting the tiniest strips of basswood... View full entry

  • Zap a gap saves my life every day

    By Laura
    Sep 18, '06 10:58 PM EST

    We had our first review-ish today. My partner and I slaved all weekend on our project. It was supposed to be a spacial/massing manifestation of some video analysis that we did of the park near campus. Our project started about layers, and somehow ended up an abstract cube that comes apart in... View full entry

  • Orange is the new black

    By Laura
    Sep 14, '06 1:07 AM EST

    Today I decided my studio stool was too ugly for me to get attached to. The reason I need to be attached is that stools are often in short supply and people can be ruthless at times. Anyway, I took orange artist's tape and wrote my name out in Hebrew on the top of the stool. This works for two... View full entry

  • While you were sleeping

    By Laura
    Sep 13, '06 12:28 PM EST

    It's always during late nights at studio when there's tons of work to be done that time must be allocated for some deep thinking and discussion among peers. I think the reason for this is misery loves company, and the people who suffer through hard nights with us are people we find being able to... View full entry

  • Quikrete my ass

    By Laura
    Sep 10, '06 10:46 PM EST

    We've been doing a film about Thornden park in studio, and this weekend we started this project where we have to take a clip from our movie and render it into three dimensional space in some abstract way. The biggest catch: We have to form whatever shapes we make out of concrete. Since it's a... View full entry

  • Monument to Now

    By Laura
    Sep 6, '06 11:35 PM EST

    Lindy Roy gave a lecture at the Warehouse today, and I was fairly inspired by her work. Actually, I was completely inspired by her as a person. First of all, her design was good. That's a bar her team desgined to be built in an old meatpacking building that she used to work in and that was... View full entry

  • Only one's a comment on standardization

    By Laura
    Sep 6, '06 11:47 AM EST

    My dorm consists of a square-ish ring of dorms with a huge, gaping courtyard in the middle. I was walking through the courtyard the other day when it stuck me that the inside of the front of the building (the wall of the courtyard that you see when you face the main entrance) is somewhat similar... View full entry

  • ...What grade is this?

    By Laura
    Sep 6, '06 12:25 AM EST

    Second year. Notoriously demanding professor. My roommate sits across from my in studio. And we're making diaramas and videos? No really, our professor has us doing site analysis of the park near campus (known lovingly as "The Rape Park" because of the multitude of disgusting crimes that are... View full entry

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