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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    Zap a gap saves my life every day

    By Laura
    Sep 18, '06 10:58 PM EST

    We had our first review-ish today. My partner and I slaved all weekend on our project. It was supposed to be a spacial/massing manifestation of some video analysis that we did of the park near campus.

    Our project started about layers, and somehow ended up an abstract cube that comes apart in pieces that each make a different noise when you shake them. It's cast concrete and basswood and it's sexy.


    Okay, it's not actually sexy, but considering that two girls who had never used concrete before managed to cast pieces that actually fit together, AND connected basswood pieces without any glue, it's pretty remarkable. Everyong liked it. It weighs about forty pounds, but all of the pieces come off and apart and go back together like a puzzle. That's impressive, you must admit.

    Now we have our first practical project: A meditation and community center on the site that we just finished analyzing. My partner and I have done nothing for it, and will be at Cornell all day tomorrow being Koolhaas groupies (and how!). It seems like we could have a lot of fun, though. Maybe Koolhaas will inspire us.


    • myriam

      This looks cool!! I wish I could see/hear a video of it being taken apart. What was the conception for all the layers and peeling?

      Sep 18, 06 11:37 pm

      don't get liberty bell started on sexy concrete.

      good job. looks very nicely made. don't depend on those 'somehow's too much though...

      Sep 19, 06 7:18 am

      the zap-a-gap kicker can kill - warning signs include blurry sight, numb lips, tingling fingers, and a killer headache. oh, caffine withdrawl has similar symptoms.

      Sep 19, 06 10:11 am

      thanks treekiller...i thought i was having panic attacks when all i needed was another coffee (or a snort of zap-a-gap)!

      very cool piece Laura. like myriam, i'm curious on how the rationale for the layering came about...also, what's behind the different noises?

      Sep 19, 06 3:15 pm

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