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Jan '05 - Apr '07

  • Extra Credit if You Can Name the Writers.

    Jason King
    Feb 27, '05 4:28 AM EST

    Here are images from my 2nd Studio Project. The site was a hillside at, roughly, a 30 degree slope. My element (from the I Ching, discussed a few posts back) was fire. My "mentor" was Le Corbusier (this means we study an architect and interpret his/her ideas in our design). My "attribute" (also... View full entry

  • Back

    Jason King
    Feb 25, '05 4:20 AM EST

    Excuse the lack of posts. I went on a very short vacation. I missed one day of Studio and somehow fell 4 weeks behind. I think that means some sleepless nights this week. Second project is finished. Model and presentation pics/explanation to follow. View full entry

  • The Five Obstructions

    Jason King
    Feb 14, '05 12:30 AM EST

    I just watched the Lars von Trier/Jorgen Leth documentary The Five Obstructions. It is amazing how similiar the film process is to the architectural process. In short, von Trier and his creative mentor Leth play a game. Von Trier challenges Leth to remake his film The Perfect Human five times... View full entry

  • Images From Project One

    Jason King
    Feb 11, '05 8:52 AM EST

    The design process was (briefly) I was given an element from the Chinese Elements. My element was METAL. My "attribute" from the I Ching was PURIFICATION. My human tendency was CLEANSING. The site was underground and no more than 300 sf. I designed a metal "flower" growing from the Earth. The... View full entry

  • What Music Is Playing In Your Studio?

    Jason King
    Feb 11, '05 2:08 AM EST

    I'm finishing up the 2nd project. I will post details about this one and pictures of the last one as soon as I have them. Busy. Right now Wilco is playing in our studio, out of my laptop. You? View full entry

  • 4th all-nighter this week.

    Jason King
    Feb 1, '05 8:20 AM EST

    That's all I can even think to type right now. Project presentation tomorrow and I am as finished as I am going to be. It's 5:30AM and there are probably 40 people here. Between the X-acto incident and no sleep, it's been quite a week. View full entry

  • If you want blood.

    Jason King
    Jan 30, '05 8:25 PM EST

    My first studio injury. I was making a quick cut on plexi, using a small triangle as a guide. The blade slipped out of the groove and made a b-line straight toward the tip of my finger. Blood flowed while the very tip of my finger sat on the plexi. The bleeding has finally stopped and my blood... View full entry

  • And So It Begins

    Jason King
    Jan 28, '05 6:18 AM EST

    First project, two weeks into the semester and the all-nighters have started. Last night I was here until 6:30AM, went home and slept until 10:00AM. It's now 3:13AM and I will be here until tomorrow/today night. Do you find it difficult to explain to non-architects why it is that our work is so... View full entry

  • White Light, White Heat.

    Jason King
    Jan 27, '05 2:57 AM EST

    The feeling that comes with exploring what you think is a good idea is my favorite thing about architecture school. Granted, the idea was born with the study models and drawings that are done previously. But those sometimes feel like "work". Tonight is the opposite of work. There isn't enough... View full entry

  • Over 2 Billion Served

    Jason King
    Jan 25, '05 4:02 PM EST

    I arrived at Studio this morning to look over my drawings and model before the review. The final is due next Tuesday, and I just realized that I totally hate my design. When I left last night at 2:00AM, everything looked alright. Today my drawings look like complete crap and my model looks like a... View full entry

  • Lessons Learned in First Year Studio (So Far)

    Jason King
    Jan 25, '05 2:07 AM EST

    100 xacto blades go 100 times faster than you expect.NEVER use Spray Mount anywhere near your cutting mat.Clean Borco and a Clean Mayline are a friendly Borco and a friendly Mayline.Get a job in the wood/metal shop.T-shirts and jeans are for wiping lead off of triangles/scales.Look up the... View full entry

  • Allow Me To Further Introduce Myself

    Jason King
    Jan 25, '05 1:07 AM EST

    School Related: I am a first-year second semester architecture student at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. I have been in and out of college for the past 10 years (more on that later) and now I am a thirty year old man surrounded by peole much younger than me in studio. I am involved in... View full entry

  • Que Serra Serra [sic] and an Overuse of Latin Abbr.

    Jason King
    Jan 24, '05 10:15 PM EST

    I am still getting settled back into Studio. I think that most of my peers are in the same state of mind; Studio has been a ghost town. It's time to shift gears though. 1st project is due in a week. A quick rundown of the coming semester: We each chose randomly a "Hexagram" and its "Attribute"... View full entry

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